Danpal’s Solar Shading System Creates Intelligent Daylighting

A solar shading system is used to optimize the levels of visible light and solar heat gain that will be allowed into a structure. When it’s cloudy outside, movable shading retracts to allow natural light, and the solar gain that it brings, to enter a building so that there is less internal dependence on heating and electric light. Because human being spend an estimated 90 percent of their daily lives inside, have a need for heat and light, even when they’re inside the workplace. Research and technology have devised a way for architectural design and technology to refine the process by which heat and shade enter a building. Danpal’s  Controlite® System has created intelligent daylighting, a solar shading system that delivers complete control of the desired level of light intensity inside a building, no matter what season of the year.

Danpal’s Controlite® System Brings A Season Of Solar Control

Daylight advances and retreats according to the schedule that the sun has imposed upon it, but with technology, buildings are no longer required to submit to nature’s rules. By controlling the transmission of daylight and solar heat gain, Controlite® optimizes light and heat to deliver comfort to buildings. As the day proceeds, the levels of heat and sunshine outside are changing. Inside, the building is geared up to counteract that schedule by adapting to the changing light conditions and altering the amounts of indoor light, solar heat gain, and shade. The system also helps minimize some of the extremes in temperature that come as a result of hot and cold weather.

How Controlite® Brings A Solar Shading System and Energy Efficiency Together

The Controlite® panels that are integrated into the design of the building follow through on the original planning, reducing the energy usd by heating, artificial lighting, and air conditioning. The Controlite® system significantly reduces energy use from air-conditioning, heating, and artificial lighting. Credit points are earned with the rating systems used by green buildings.

How Controlite® Saves Money By Saving Energy

If the heat and light of the daylight hours can be controlled through technology, the result is a positive one for everyone. Occupants of a building benefit from the increased shade and reduced glare that would otherwise be coming into the building. A building’s heating and cooling systems get a break because the use of natural light or shade and the warmth of the sun reduces the need for artificial light eases utility costs in season. No one is going to argue when the results add money to our budgets!

How Controlite® Intelligent Daylighting Works

The translucent glazing panel has rotating louvres that adjust their position during the day in order to take full advantage of the levels of daylight that are coming into the building from the outside. Natural light makes it easier for people inside to see and, as studies have shown, bringing daylight into a structure gives the occupants inside a more positive feeling about themselves and their productivity.

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