Innovating Office Design with Danpalon 3DLITE Partitions

In the ever-evolving landscape of architecture, Danpal continues to revolutionize interior spaces with its cutting-edge solutions. The recent expansion and refurbishment of the MAZ head office in Zaragoza, Spain, stands as a testament to the transformative power of Danpal’s innovative product, Danpalon® 3DLITE.

Danpalon 3DLITE: Redefining Office Building Design

The project’s architect, Sebastián Arquitectos, envisioned a seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetics. With a focus on meeting modern-day functional, technical, and aesthetic requirements, the utilization of Danpalon® 3DLITE for office partitioning emerged as a pivotal choice.

Unveiling the Unmatched Benefits

Danpalon 3DLITE, boasting a 600 mm panel system in blue and white, transcends conventional office partitions. It presents a dynamic solution that optimizes natural light while offering thermal insulation—a game-changer for modern architecture. The integrated shading louvers selectively control sunlight penetration, ensuring a balanced distribution of light throughout the day.

Creating High-Quality Interiors

Acciona, the builder behind this visionary project, collaborated with Pal Plastic, Danpal’s subsidiary in Spain, to implement the innovative Danpalon 3DLITE panels. These panels not only elevate the aesthetics of the office but also can also contribute to increased energy efficiency, fostering a comfortable and efficient work environment for the users.

Project Details:

  • PROJECT NAME: Expansion and refurbishment of MAZ, Mutua de Accidentes de Zaragoza head office.
  • LOCATION: Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain
  • DANPAL PANEL SYSTEM: Danpalon® 3DLite 600 mm
  • BUILDER: Acciona
  • ARCHITECT: Sebastián Arquitectos”

A Glimpse into Innovation and Functionality

Seamlessly merging form and function, Danpalon® 3DLITE brings forth a modern and contemporary look through the play of reflected light and the use of their corporate blue color. The architect’s adeptness in harnessing the reflective properties of the material exemplifies the infinite applications and possibilities of polycarbonate, showcasing an attractive, modern, and functionally optimized environment.

Setting New Standards in Office Space Dynamics

Danpalon 3DLITE stands as a testament to Danpal’s commitment to architectural innovation. By allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate more efficiently during specific times of the day while mitigating heat, these panels set a new benchmark in office building design, ensuring an optimal balance between lighting, insulation, and aesthetics.

As commercial architects, explore the endless possibilities offered by Danpalon 3DLITE. Discover how these translucent panels redefine interior spaces, fostering creativity, efficiency, and an unparalleled visual experience.


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Stepping into atmospheric interiors with Danpalon 3DLITE panels

Imagine walking into a place rendered in beautiful ambient colors where your senses delightfully participate in it. HGT Architects find Danpalon 3DLITE panels can enhance that experience.

PT. Kartika Inti Sejati ranks optimism and innovation high within the company to foster a trustworthy relationship with its customers. They entrusted HGT Architects to execute their vision reflecting these values for their new logistic center in the city of Bekasi, Indonesia.

Upon receiving a design brief from our client, Henry G. Tjhi led his team at HGT Architects to explore unique building materials for exterior cladding. There were numerous polycarbonate panels to choose from and Danpalon 3DLITE panels stood out most. These panels offered design solutions in maximizing natural light, in providing a level of visual privacy for the interior spaces and speed of installation which fit with the project building schedule.

Danpalon 3DLITE facade panels mainly cover public areas such as lobby space, product display area, large meeting room, and a dining area in this project. All these spaces can be used separately or all at the same time for the client to host functions. Therefore, it was important for the design team to establish a distinct atmospheric setting for each by introducing vibrant shadow hues and evocative cast.

The project successfully combines innovative material technology and creative imagination.

danpalon 3dlite


Project: Logistic center for PT. Kartika Inti Sejati ( Bakery & Confectionery)
Panel: Danpalon 3DLITE, Danpalon DP16, DP10
Colures: Danpalon 3DLITE – Orange, Lime, Green, DP16 Bronze, DP10 Opal Softlite
Total SQM: 170m2
Installer: PT. Metsi Inka
Architects: HGT Architects, Bandung, Indonesia,
Photos credit: Tan Rahadian