Danpal Interiors Transform the Verthill Building in Inchon LU1 City Daeseung

Creating Illuminated Marvels: Danpal Interiors Transform the Verthill Building in Inchon LU1 City Daeseung, South Korea

In the realm of architecture, where innovation meets functionality, the Verthill Building in Inchon LU1 City Daeseung, South Korea stands as a testament to ingenuity. A collaborative masterpiece between Danpal and B&A Architects, this mixed-use development has redefined interior spaces through the artistry of light, using Danpal’s cutting-edge Interior Wall Cladding solutions.

Danpal Interiors:

A Radiant Transformation LIVE IN LIGHT WITH DANPAL® Internal spaces can be brought to life with Danpal®. Its clean lines, colored panels, and lighting effects bring a feeling of spaciousness and illuminance to any interior setting.

The Verthill Building’s underground entrance was meticulously crafted to evoke surprise and wonder. Danpalon walls, in their translucent glory, gracefully separate the viewer from concrete pillars and floors. The suspended ceiling, adorned with downlighting LED lights integrated with aluminum finish elements, complements the vertical panels, creating an ambiance that mesmerizes.

LED Backlit Danpalon Walls:

A Play of Brilliance The entire area could have succumbed to dark, low-light conditions. However, the LED backlit Danpalon walls ingeniously illuminate the path from the carpark to the Verthill entrance. This not only highlights the brand but also crafts a uniquely welcoming experience that captivates visitors upon arrival.

Light Wall Cladding:

Danpal’s Radiant Revolution Danpal’s Interior Wall Cladding solution, featuring translucent “Ice” colored panels, serves as the core element. These panels refract light from behind, casting mesmerizing patterns that captivate the onlooker. This solution allows designers to explore new aesthetic possibilities, transforming spaces into radiant sculptural elements that redefine ambiances.

Ideal Combination of Translucency And Strength

The reduced spacing between panel ribs in Danpal’s system provides superior light diffusion and increased panel strength. Architects can effortlessly divide or decorate spaces, maintaining a delicate balance between intimacy and openness, thanks to the semitransparent appearance of the panels.

Final Words:

For professional commercial architects seeking to revolutionize interior spaces, Danpal’s Interior Wall Cladding solutions offer a gateway to unlimited design possibilities. The Verthill Building in Inchon LU1 City Daeseung, South Korea stands as a testament to the transformative power of light, where Danpal has sculpted spaces that seamlessly blend functionality, innovation, and captivating aesthetics.

Through Danpal Interiors, the Verthill Building has emerged as a beacon of architectural brilliance, inviting occupants into a world where light dances and spaces come alive with an aura of wonder.

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Nurseries To Awaken the Senses

A nursery is a place where children awaken their senses. It should be a pleasant and comfortable space, to arouse curiosity, sensitivity, pleasure,” says Architect Pablo Katz.

For two Parisian nurseries, Les Petits Bonheurs (19th) and le Temps de l’Enfance (15th), the architect opted for Danpalon® as the system for partitioning and facing the walls. “With these two nurseries being managed by the same association, we wanted to register a stylistic unit, with similarities but which respects the characteristics of each program. Technically, the material is a very durable product that softens bumps and impacts whilst adding glint and sheen. It also helps to unify the different facing locations,” says Pablo Katz.

Both these nurseries have been set up on the ground floor of a residential building. For the first, the constraints were strong: a low height from the ceiling, deep and poorly lit boards, and utility shafts serving the eleven cumbersome upper floors.

Danpalon®, warm orange, creates a fluidity of movement with curved partitions and contrasted curves. When it is placed as a facing of an opaque wall, it is illuminated by integrated LEDs.

Temps de l’Enfance enjoyed better lighting and easier prospects for improvement. The architect, therefore, played with straight, vertical, and inclined green walls, which punctuate red areaways.

Applications: Interior
System: Danpal Interior System
Thicknesses: 10 Mm
Sectors: School
Colors: Green, Orange
Country: France 
Architect: Pablo Katz Architecture
Copyright: © Arnaud Rinuccini

Leading Trends For Interior Panels and Office Spaces

When it comes to designing the inside of an office, there are a few different variables that need to be considered. You need to ensure that the interior panels fit in and aren’t too out there so as to distract the workers during the day, but they should not be so bland that they give the office a drab and depressing vibe. You want to find a nice balance between the two.

Interior PanelsAt Danpal, our interior panels solution gives designers the chance to explore a huge range of different options that can affect the aesthetic and emotive impression that amazing interior panels leave on anyone in the office setting. No matter if it is internal walls, partitions or ceilings, we have the products for you.

One of the more important aspects of interior design of an office is that you hide a lot of the clutter. While the constraints of an office space in terms of storing files and records has been diminished somewhat by many companies going paperless with their files, there is still going to be a lot of clutter around an office space.

Wires and cables are abundant, causing massive tangles and ugly sites. Even the best laid out office plan can look terrible if these cables are lying everywhere, not to mention that they can be a health hazard also. You want to take these factors into consideration and utilize your interior panels in such a way that minimizes this inconvenience.

Having a focus on health and happiness is also vital, as it ensures that employees are given every opportunity to maximize their productivity and contentedness at their place of employment. If workers are happier and more productive, then this is going to have a positive effect on your company culture as well as on your bottom line.

While it still is important to maintain a level of professionalism at the workplace, there also needs to be an environment that people ns be relaxed in their own skins and are inspired to get their creative juices flowing.

This is why many companies install recreational areas that have pool tables, ping-pong etc. as well as couches and areas where they can relax. This gives workers a brief respite from any stresses they may be having and allow them to quickly recharge their batteries before getting back to work. You don’t want employees dreading going into their office every day, and this is one of the ways in which you can combat those feelings.