A Louver Façade Is At Your Service For Sunlight and Shade

If you’re lucky enough to have had a louver façade installed on the exterior of your building, you’re relishing the presence of sunny days and warmer temperatures. Now that summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere, people think that weather worries are over. There’s certainly no threat of blizzards for those countries where June, July, and August herald a chance to enjoy outdoor activities uninhibited by snow and cold. However, too much of a good thing, even the summer sun, can present problems. With sunshine comes glare; with warm weather comes heat and humidity. Being able to control those weather features is one of the reasons why a louver façade is such a popular architectural addition to a design.

A Louver Façade Adds Weather Control And Comfort To A Building’s Interior

On a perfect day, when the temperature is just right, a louver system can make things even better by bringing the outdoors inside. On an imperfect day, one in which rain has darkened the skies and brought dampness and chill along with it, your louver façade keeps the inclement weather out. Microcell technology has proven its strength and versatility. It presents a strong defense against weather’s extremes, which helps to keep insulation dry and free from the moisture that could otherwise compromise your energy efficiency. Because Danpal facades are famed for their light weight and ease of installation, they’re a popular choice among architects.

Sunshine and Shade Brought To You By A Louver Façade

Bringing the outdoors inside means finding the right balance between sunlight and shade. Sunshine, for all its wonders, can sometimes be too bright. That’s when we need shade and that’s one of the ways in which a louver façade can blend the benefits of natural light with the comfort of shade. Too warm? Too bright? No problem for a shading system Daylighting architecture delivers the weather the way that you like it, with fresh air on demand, and shade when you need it.

How A Louver Façade Improves Energy Efficiency

It’s natural that, in cold weather, we depend upon our heating systems; in hot weather, we crank up the air conditioning. But with 365 days in a calendar year, there are many days when we don’t need heating or cooling. That’s when a louver façade can make an enormous difference, both in your comfort and in your energy usage. You’ll relish those days when you have all the advantages of the beautiful outdoors while you work inside—the natural light, the fresh breezes, the shade—without those negative aspects of nature, like bugs, glare, and humidity.

Happiness Is a Louver Façade

Well, that might be an exaggeration, but when you think about it, you realize that a louver façade, by giving you more control over the level of nature that you allow into your workspace or living space, does make you feel better and more productive. These days, when the remote working and learning models are becoming far more familiar, isn’t it a good idea to find out whether your home office would benefit from a louver system?

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Exterior Vertical Louvres Are The Answer To Enhanced Inside Comfort

It’s not really surprising that the external features of a building are beneficial to the people inside; exterior vertical louvres have ventilation features that greatly improve your building’s performance and appearance. They protect your windows, they increase your privacy, and they can let you decide how much sunshine or shade you want to have within your living and working space. Because personal comfort levels are different for every individual, the challenge won’t be adjusting to your exterior vertical louvres; it’ll be handling the different preferences of all the people inside the building who will be arguing over how much sunshine or shade is just right!

Exterior Vertical Louvres Customizes Your Comfort Zone

Spending so much time inside over the past year has been a mixed blessing in many ways. We’ve gotten a chance to notice what we really like about our homes and offices, what we miss, and what we want to change. The concept of a comfort zone workspace has gained traction as people realize that they work better when they feel at ease inside. Ventilation can make a tremendous difference not only in how much fresh air you bring in from outside, but also in how your heating and cooling systems get a break and energy efficiency gets a boost. On a cold day, you aren’t likely to want the louvres to be opened, but you might want to help yourselves to some daylight. That’s easily done with exterior vertical louvres.

Adapting To Post-COVID 19 Changes and Finding Satisfaction With External Vertical Louvres

We’ve all made a lot of adjustments over the past year as we’ve adapted to the pandemic lifestyle. Whether you’ve been working from home, or in the office under social distancing circumstances, you’ve learned that there’s a lot to be said for interior work and living spaces that are able to accommodate personal preferences. That’s exactly where exterior vertical louvres set the standard for satisfaction. You’ll enjoy your inside work center/home office/ entertainment complex much more knowing that there’s always a little bit of sunshine that’s waiting to come in!

Easy To Clean and Maintain Exterior Vertical Louvres

Don’t hold off on installing exterior vertical louvres because you think they’ll be hard to maintain. Danpal has a well-earned reputation for designing and manufacturing building products that are known for their durability and our louvres meet that standard. Any external feature to a building is likely to need some level of cleaning after a year of weather has been raining, snowing, hailing, and sunshining on it, but you’ll be pleased to learn that your louvres can be washed or possibly, depending on what material they’re made of, even hosed down. Dry them with a cloth or a mop and you’re all set!

External Vertical Louvres And the Danpal Louvre Translucent Shading System

With external vertical louvres, there’s no longer a hard dividing line between indoor comfort and outdoor pleasure. You’re just as snug inside on a rainy, cold day, but when the sunlight beckons, you can enjoy it even though you’re inside working. The Louvre Translucent Shading System will let you customize nature to meet your preference.

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