Patio Skylights

Homes and businesses have evolved over the decades to the point where they sometimes bear certain resemblances to one another. Many residences include an office, where professional adults conduct business, especially if they work from home. Many businesses and commercial buildings have an outdoor area with tables and chairs where employees may gather in good weather to enjoy their lunches outside in a relaxed atmosphere, close to work but yet apart from it. 

The outside environment of homes has taken on an expanded setting, too.  There was a time when houses had porches and yards and that was about it, but now, a residence may also have a sun porch or a patio. Here, families and friends gather together to savor a pleasant evening or a celebration without being at the mercy of the elements. A patio skylight with Danpalon polycarbonate sheets can be especially accommodating for these events as it enhances the outdoor experience while providing shelter from rain and glare. 

Patio Skylights Are Polycarbonate Strong

Polycarbonate, a building material which has significant strength although it’s light in weight, was first used on conservatory roofs but its popularity has expanded to the point where it’s also a favorite choice for greenhouses, solariums, and sun porches.  Of course, it’s also commonly used in other commercial structures as well, but its use in outdoor structures shows that it offers that ideal blend of indoor/outdoor appearance and strength that’s so well suited for things like patio skylights. One reason that polycarbonate is the building material of choice in these structures is because many of them would not be able to support roofing made of a heavier material.

Patio Skylight Lighting

Polycarbonate bears a striking resemblance to glass, but its strength and flexibility exceed the limitations of glass, which is heavier and also prone to scratching. A patio skylight might have translucent or transparent panels which also serve to further develop the outdoor ambience.