DANPAL’s E-Learning Campaign, ZOOMs off to a Good Start!

Taking advantage of fact that due to the CV-19 crises, many architects and building professionals, have been forced to work from home. Being ‘home-bound’, many of these professionals, have found they might have some extra time available, to invest in some online education. DANPAL sought to fill this need, by developing a short series of online educational presentations, each presented FREE by one of our professional representatives.

So far, we can report back some great initial success, with the campaign generating a multitude of leads, in each region implemented. We have provided one-on-one training, for each Danpal subsidiary involved thus far, as well as all the necessary support, to ensure success! Following the successful attendance for all four DANPAL E-Learning sessions, the lead who had signed-up, then receives a DANPAL certificate of completion.

Due to our successes, we see this campaign as a potential template, for future digital marketing efforts. As such, we believe that all our markets can benefit greatly by getting involved and joining in on this ‘good news story’.

Get in touch with your local DANPAL representative or email us at [email protected] to find out, how you can get involved!