Skylights for metal roofs

Flexibility in materials can make an enormous  difference if an architect is designing a new building or planning renovations to an existing structure, particularly if the renovation includes a skylight. Fortunately, Danpal building products and flexibility are a matched set in the construction industry. Architects know that when it’s a matter of flexibility, customization, or ease of installation, Danpal leads the way. 

How Danpal Flexibility Works In Skylights For Metal Roofs
Committed to the idea that building materials need to be flexible in purpose, Danpal has created skylights that can accommodate different types of roofing.  Skylights for metal roofs are no challenge, that’s something that Danpal readily makes happen. Danpal skylight roofing easily slots into place, continuing the pattern of flexibility.  With the Danpavault Barrel Vault Skylight System, the skylight can be self-supporting or it can be place on top of metal roofing. The system can also be installed on different sizes of spans by using aluminum framing options. The unlimited lengths and sizes of Danpal roofing, all part of the company’s customization emphasis, are easily integrated for smooth installation.  In fact, the whole installation process is so much more efficient than what is customary, with less inconvenience and interruption of routine. 

The presence of a skylight metal roof doesn’t inhibit the way that natural light enters the building.  With the skylight’s even diffusion of natural light comes support for thermal insulation and extended UV protection. The Danpavault Barrvel Vault Skylight System actually admits more light than what other systems can provide, but Danpal engineering balances the light and shade so that the results reflect your preference. Danpal has mastered the art of daylighting architecture and the clients benefit from the results.