Sustainable cladding

When the world went on pause in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, and people all over the globe altered their work and social schedules to prevent community spread of the virus, something remarkable happened. Satellite images of the planet showed the differences in pollution; fewer cars driving meant less emissions harming the planet.  In an otherwise grim period in human existence, the weeks when the world limited its movements proved how much the planet is at our mercy. Danpal did not need the evidence of the COVID19 stay-at-home measures to demonstrate the importance of protecting the planet. Sustainability is part of the Danpal slogan, Global Vision, Local Focus, and  it’s something that is a part of our business practice. Our products reflect this belief, and our sustainable cladding maintains the highest possible standards of environmental awareness.

Sustainable Cladding and Green Buildings
As a leader in the building industry, with over half a century of expertise, Danpal has been a leader in the movement to make building materials sustainable. We regard it as our responsibility to protect the planet. The world’s developed countries enjoy many advantages in terms of resources and technology. However, in order to implement those advantages, those countries are home to the buildings that consume 40% of the world’s energy.  We must be careful to do our part in keeping the environment safe from harm. Clearly, we need to make sustainability a priority in order to live in balance with nature while still providing the materials that people need in the construction industry. Danpal systems like our sustainable cladding prove that we’re an environmentally friendly company. Danpal systems are manufactured to size so that waste is minimized. Our Danpalon system is certified as a nonpollutant.  Easy transport and handling further demonstrate the Danpal commitment to the environment.