Advanced skylight systems

Remember those old movie scenes where someone comes crashing through a skylight as if it’s a flimsy substance incapable of bearing pressure? That works on screen, but in real life, advanced skylight systems are capable of bearing quite a lot of pressure. While no one would recommend getting on top of a building for the purpose of testing the strength of the skylight (that could be a pretty high climb!), Danpal assures you that its skylights undergo rigorous testing to make sure that they’re strong enough the handle the wind, snow, hail, and rain that are a common feature of weather all over the world.   Our commitment to innovative research and development is part of the foundation of the Danpal reputation. Now, about our skylights . . . 

How Danpal’s Advanced Skylight Systems Reflect the Tradition of Excellence

With more than 50 years in the building industry, Danpal has expanded its presence to five continents by manufacturing products that demonstrate quality and innovation.  A great new product like our advanced skylight system doesn’t just show up on the market; it takes research and testing and a spirit of discovery to unleash the potential of what we can accomplish.  Our Controlite® system explores the possibilities that accompany buildings filled with light, the ease of flexible installation, and energy efficiency all in one satisfying building package.  

Exploring Danpal Daylighting Innovations With Advanced Skylight Systems

Harnessing daylight for indoor use almost sounds like something out of a fantasy tale, but Danpal makes it happen.  As light conditions alter during the day, the Controlite® system lets you control the amount that comes in, along with shading and solar heat gain. It’s not a fantasy tale, but it certainly is fantastic!

Skylight Roofing