Architectural skylights

Danpal’s skylight roofing is an architect’s dream. It’s the result of a half century of expertise, a corporate identity that follows the logo Global Vision, Local Focus, and a presence on five continents.  The standards are high and the quality is world-renowned, and that’s why architectural skylights are so popular with the Danpal clientele.  Skylights are an exciting alternative to traditional roofing and they offer a holistic environment that improves work and living spaces. With the addition of natural light into the buildings where you live and work, occupants find a renewed sense of purpose and energy as we go about our daily routines. 

Architectural Skylights Optimize Natural Light

A reason why skylights are so popular as a roofing choice is because they incorporate daylight into the design of the structure.  The Danpavault Barrel Vault Skylight Roofing System is ideal if you’re looking for a way to access the maximum amount of light coming through the roof. That’s because the Danpavault System is so effective at diffusing light throughout your space.  Throughout the day, the natural light that is emitted via the skylight will create a magical spell that will make you think you’re outside, basking in the daylight, without having to deal with bugs, breezes that blow dirt in your eyes, or an unexpected storm.  

Strength Is A Feature of Architectural Skylights

There’s no need to sacrifice the strength a roofing system needs to demonstrate in order to have the sunny interiors that you want.  Any structure has to contend with the day-to-day punishment of weather and Danpal’s architectural skylights perform as well in durability as traditional roofing.  Microcell technology keeps Danpal skylights strong and durable, easily able to withstand the snow, rain and wind. The watertight panels keep moisture from penetrating so there’s no worry about leakages. In addition to that strength, there’s the flexibility and ease of installation that makes Danpal products a pleasure to work with.

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