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In his best-selling book, ‘The Slight Edge’, Jeff Olson describes the Slight Edge as a process that all winners use to achieve their goals. What they understand, is that by doing small things that are easy – little disciplines, consistently over time – add up to the biggest accomplishments.

Think about the small discipline of reading 10 pages per day for a year – that’s 3650 pages, which amounts to 10 books! Imagine reading 10 books in a year on topics that are of interest to you and your business career? This is how you can start to change your life, and it’s a rule that some of the most successful business people instinctually apply in their daily lives.

Let’s have a quick look at 2 very different examples, of people who can be considered to be ‘Titans’ in their field:

  • Legendary golfer, Greg Norman, who knew that to be the number one golfer in the world, he needed to hit 100 balls a day. He believed that he needed to hit them repeatedly, and he needed to hit them with good form. This is what helped shape his mantra, ‘Din and Dip’ (do it now, do it properly).
  • Warren Buffet, a man who invested in his first shares at the tender age of 11, and who always practiced the art of patience, is worth over $80 billion One of his more popular quotes, “It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results”, speak directly to this very principle.

The problem is that small disciplines that are easy to do, are just as easy not to do! When is something easy not to do? When it won’t have an immediate or major impact on your life if you don’t do it. But remember this; if you do choose to do it, if you choose to instill that level of discipline within your life – the impact will be exponential!

To make the Slight Edge work for you, you must learn, HOW TO LEARN.

One Percenter

This is the one of the principles to follow if you are to become a ‘One Percenter’, one of the rare individuals who rise above the rest in the business world. When 99% of the businesses and business leaders out there fade into obscurity, it’s the 1% of us who rise to the challenge – ultimately succeed.

Let’s take a moment now, to sit and meditate on what it is that you can do in your life, right now to elevate yourself above 99%. What small tweaks, small changes or incremental steps can you take today, that will accumulate and lead you to your life goals.

Addicted 2 Success

If some inspiration is needed, have a look at this great article from Addicted 2 Success and try implement these 10 easy life changes.

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