Translucent polycarbonate sheets

polycarbonate sheets

In order to view the full impact of translucent polycarbonate sheets, take a look at the Blackburn Youth Zone Center in the United Kingdom.  The extraordinary beauty of the structure demonstrates the way that daylighting architecture, joined with the translucent polycarbonate sheets, creates a building that is an architectural delight. You want to build the best building possible for your clients, while ensuring that the final results produce a structure that adds to the community in which it is located. 

polycarbonate sheets

Danpal, a company with over a half century of experience in the building materials market, prioritizes the esthetics of a structure highly, without diminishing the value of its strength and its environmental compliance. Translucent polycarbonate sheets are at the core of this trifecta of quality. 

Translucent, dry-glazed systems are available for an assortment of structures in a variety of configurations.  The translucent polycarbonate sheets are able to offer the kind of weather protection that’s needed. Weather can be an extreme event as our changing climate creates ever-more-powerful storms, but Danpal has discovered a way to incorporate strength with flexibility so that the sheets are easy to work with.  

The translucent polycarbonate sheets offer so many favorable aspects that it has become much more popular than glass. Actually, polycarbonate’s composition is superior to glass in its flexibility, transparency and tonal qualities. 

Esthetics Add to the Appeal of Translucent Polycarbonate Sheets
Danpal® is known for the esthetic appeal of its building materials; this feature is enhanced by the versatility of translucent polycarbonate sheets which can turn a building into an artistic achievement.  That’s because the company offers an impressive array of colors, special effects and finishes to give an architect the options needed for creative expression.