Case Studies

CASE STUDIES - Harim Pet Food Factory and Visitors Center

Harim Pet Food Factory and Visitors Center


In the realm of contemporary architecture, the synergy between form and function is pivotal. When approached with a project like the Harim Pet Food Factory and Visitors Center, architects from The Beck Group understood the significance of not only fulfilling functional requirements but also weaving an artistic narrative through architectural design. The challenge at hand encompassed addressing daylighting concerns and integrating a polycarbonate system that could harmonize with the project’s architectural vision.


The project’s requirements were multifaceted, demanding an intricate balance between pragmatic utility and aesthetic allure. The architects were tasked with optimizing natural daylight penetration within the building while also fostering a unique visual identity that mirrored the ethos of the brand. The design needed to resonate with the factory’s operations, creating an inviting ambiance for visitors while maintaining an efficient production environment. The integration of a polycarbonate system was sought not only to accentuate aesthetics but also to ensure sustainability and energy efficiency.


To address these challenges, The Beck Group architects meticulously evaluated available options. Given their dedication to enhancing daylighting and their penchant for precision, the Danpal Facade System emerged as the ideal solution. This choice resonated with the architects due to its remarkable compatibility with the project’s requirements and the studio’s design ethos.

The selected Danpal Facade System, incorporating the Danpalon® panel of 16mm thickness in the elegant “Ice” color, offered an array of attributes that aligned seamlessly with the project’s demands. The transparency of the polycarbonate panel enabled the infusion of ample natural light into the interior spaces. The Danpalon® panel not only diffused the incoming light, reducing glare and creating a comfortable environment, but it also delivered enhanced insulation properties, contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the structure.

The polycarbonate system not only addressed the daylighting prerequisites but also resonated artistically with the project’s essence. The sleek and modern appearance of the Danpalon® panel, coupled with its versatility, complemented the brand’s innovative spirit while merging effortlessly with the architectural vision crafted by The Beck Group.


The outcomes of integrating the Danpal Facade System into the Harim Pet Food Factory and Visitors Center project are a testament to the harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. The interior spaces are suffused with a natural radiance that uplifts the atmosphere and creates a welcoming ambiance for both employees and visitors. The Danpalon® panel’s diffusion of light has reduced the strain on occupants’ eyes while also curbing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours, thus leading to a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Externally, the facade has become a statement piece, reflecting the brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. The polycarbonate system, with its ability to seamlessly integrate natural lighting with the architectural canvas, has redefined the factory’s exterior presence. It stands as a true reflection of the commitment of both The Beck Group and Danpal Facade System to functional elegance.



In conclusion, the partnership between The Beck Group’s architectural acumen and the capabilities of the Danpal Facade System has transcended mere construction. It has forged an environment that fosters productivity, beauty, and sustainability, all while echoing the values of the Harim Pet Food Factory and Visitors Center. This case study stands as a testament to the transformative potential of well-chosen materials and design decisions in shaping a space that resonates with both form and function.