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Capture4Protects Insulation
Buildings account for around 40% of primary energy consumption in most IEA countries. Therefore, insulation is critical.
The principle of Danpal® VRS is to provide a full system incorporating the trusted Danpalon® panel that fully protects the insulation.

Ventilation Maintains Insulation Efficiency
Based on natural ventilation by means of an air gap, the convective motion behind the panels keeps the insulation dry and maintains its efficiency over time.

Perfect Water-Tightness
The exclusive double notching of the Danpal® VRS panels ensures perfect water-tightness.

Light but Solid Cladding
Danpal® VRS is made of connector-bound Microcell polycarbonate panels that are three times lighter than traditional rainscreen cladding.

Simple & Rapid Installation
Connections are made directly on the support, thus eliminating the need for additional supporting framed structures.






VRS system structure


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    Due to its high impact resistance, Danpal's exterior cladding system excels at handling hail and heavy snow loads. It's significantly stronger than glass and can handle decent-sized hail. However, thicker sheets are needed for larger hail. Contact us for your specific location's snow and hail to ensure the right sheet thickness and support structure for your project.

    At Danpal we offer a variety of colors and finishes for our exterior cladding system, including standard colors, metallic finishes, and even a new line of pastel colors.

    Polycarbonate cladding itself doesn't inherently diffuse light. Danpal's rainscreen cladding system (VRS) achieves this through internal chambers that scatter light, textured surfaces, or different coatings.

    Danpal's rainscreen cladding systems offer a range of transparency levels, providing design possibilities for both aesthetics and functionality.