CONTROLITE® Intelligent daylighting system

Features a translucent glazing panel with integrated, rotating louvres that adjust their position throughout the day to optimise daylight transmission levels.

This advanced system enables complete control of the desired indoor light intensity — any time of day, any time of year.

Danpatherm RK7

A double-glazed roofing system, built from prefabricated cassettes, and connected via Danpal’s tried and tested standing seam connection. The cassettes feature, hidden glazing struts that provide high-resistance against both wind and snow loads.

Danpal® Roofing System

Danpal® Roofing is a dry glazed translucent system available in a variety of designs, suitable for installation above or below various types of structures (according to engineering and design requirements). The system contains a variety of snap-on interlocking dry-glazed connectors made of polycarbonate or aluminium.


Dry glazed translucent system available in a variety of designs – for installation above or below various types of structures (according to engineering and design requirements). Contains snap-on interlocking dry-glazed connectors made of polycarbonate or aluminium.


Combines all the advantages of Danpalon® together with a skylight of unlimited length, offering easy integration with various roof types including profiled metal and concrete.

Can be installed as a self-supporting skylight or over a metal structure covering a large range of radii and spans.

It can free span up to 12 metres in curved applications and 4.38 in skillion applications with no intermediate framing. The 74mm deep panels provide soft naturally diffused light, while still offering a degree of transparency. The system offers superior fire performance and excellent thermal insulation, as well as full UV protection. Everbright can be easily assembled as a dry-glazed system,  greatly reducing onsite construction times.


A skylight (sometimes called a rooflight), is a light-transmitting structure that forms all or part of, the roof space of a building for daylighting purposes. Skylighting types include roof windows, unit skylights, tubular daylighting devices (TDDs), sloped glazing, and custom skylight systems.

Danpal's Polycarbonate skylight systems will block UV radiation from the sun. Infact, nearly 100% of all UV, is blocked by our polycarbonate panels. It is for this reason that it is essential, panels are treated with special UV inhibitors, to protect the panel from solar degradation.

Very often, some sort of roof-cladding, when applied to a pergola, will increase both the lifespan, and the effectiveness of the existing structure. The upgraded pergola, can then be effectively used in all weather types, and seasons throughout the year.

For commercial buildings seeking superior performance and aesthetics, polycarbonate skylights offer a compelling value proposition. Their exceptional light transmittance enhances occupant well-being while reducing dependence on artificial lighting and potentially lowering energy costs. The virtually unbreakable nature of polycarbonate ensures longevity and resilience against harsh weather, while its lightweight properties simplify installation and minimize structural load. Additionally, superior thermal insulation optimizes climate control, contributing to further energy savings and a comfortable environment. Finally, the material's remarkable flexibility opens doors to creative design possibilities, allowing architects to incorporate custom shapes, curves, and tints to complement any architectural vision. To guarantee high-quality solutions and expert guidance, consider collaborating with established polycarbonate skylight manufacturers like Danpal. Their diverse product lines, reliable warranties, and comprehensive technical support empower you to maximize the benefits of polycarbonate skylights and elevate your commercial space.

Yes, our polycarbonate skylights are highly heat-resistant, making them ideal for commercial buildings in both warm and cold climates. Compared to traditional glass, they block more solar heat gain, preventing your interior from becoming uncomfortably hot under intense sunlight. Additionally, their excellent thermal insulation helps retain warmth during colder months, reducing energy consumption for heating. However, it's important to remember that performance can vary based on specific product specifications and climate factors. To ensure optimal heat management and energy efficiency, consult with a reputable commercial skylight manufacturer like Danpal. They can guide you toward the perfect polycarbonate skylight solution for your building and climate, optimizing both comfort and energy savings.

Absolutely! Light control in commercial skylights is readily achievable through tints, coatings like bronze or solar control, interior fabric/roller shades, or exterior aluminum/mesh options. Consider your desired light level, visible/infrared control needs, and budget to pick the best method for your commercial skylight. Remember, tints reduce natural light, shades trap heat, and dimmable bulbs require compatibility. Choose wisely and enjoy customized illumination!

Yes! Danpal, a leading Commercial Skylight Manufacturer, offers customizable skylight systems to fit your specific design needs. Their versatile polycarbonate panels can be tailored to various sizes and shapes, allowing for creative architectural freedom while still providing the exceptional durability and light diffusion benefits of Danpal's technology.

Danpal, a leading Commercial Skylight Manufacturer, prioritizes natural light transmission in their polycarbonate skylight systems. Their innovative panels boast a high Visible Light Transmission (VLT) rate, allowing a significant amount of sunlight to enter the building. This not only creates a brighter and more inviting atmosphere but can also contribute to energy savings by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Danpal's polycarbonate skylight systems are an excellent cost-effective choice for your building. Renowned for our durability, Danpal's systems have the potential to require less maintenance and replacement compared to other polycarbonate skylight manufacturers. Additionally, our system' exceptional light transmittance can reduce reliance on artificial lighting, potentially leading to energy savings and a strong return on investment.

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