CONTROLITE® Intelligent daylighting system

Features a translucent glazing panel with integrated, rotating louvres that adjust their position throughout the day to optimise daylight transmission levels.

This advanced system enables complete control of the desired indoor light intensity — any time of day, any time of year.


Unique, factory assembled building system designed to achieve high thermal performance and good light transmission with superb spanning capabilities. Danpatherm® is quick and easy to install. When integrated with a complete LED lighting system, it creates a radiant wall during the day and light box at night.


Available in a variety of configurations for various types of structures. They are lightweight and offer excellent weather protection with high impact resistance. Using materials with superior flexibility, transparency, and tonal qualities compared to glass, Danpal® delivers the perfect balance of light and thermal dynamics for any facade. The large variety of colours, finishes and special effects provide a dazzling array of creative options.

It can free span up to 12 metres in curved applications and 4.38 in skillion applications with no intermediate framing. The 74mm deep panels provide soft naturally diffused light, while still offering a degree of transparency. The system offers superior fire performance and excellent thermal insulation, as well as full UV protection. Everbright can be easily assembled as a dry-glazed system,  greatly reducing onsite construction times.


A translucent façade, is one which makes use of translucent glazing material, to create a full-face exterior feature that acts as a daylighting solution.

A façade in architecture is the front facing exterior feature of a building, often decorative in nature, and designed to represent the style and ethos of the building.

Façade means, 'face' and in architecture, the face of the building, refers to the main exterior front. Often decorative in nature, and serves as the main entrance/exit point, for the building.

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