Curtain glass facade system

Danpal façade systems are one of the exciting ways that our products have redefined the construction industry.  The outer walls of the system are designed not for a structural role but to prevent weather from penetrating inside.  The advantage of having a curtain glass façade system is the way that natural light can be a visible presence inside the building.  Danpal, a pioneer in daylighting architecture, creates façade systems which incorporate light into the building, nurturing an atmosphere where the occupants both see better and feel better. If you have to be inside working, isn’t it better to have daylight inside with you?

Curtain Glass Façade Systems Prevent Moisture From Getting Inside

In order for a building to function at its best, its insulation must remain dry.  This can be a challenge if the building does not have adequate protection against weather. Snow and rain are powerful forces of nature, and if they manage to intrude into the interior of a building, it won’t take long before moisture makes itself at home in the insulation, compromising its ability to maintain energy efficiency.  The double-click locking seam’s higher load resistance is part of the protection against weather.  The snap-on connections are the means by which weather remains outside instead of getting inside.  

A Curtain Glass Façade System Can Keep Moisture Dry
When moisture attacks insulation, there are several different outcomes, none of them good.  The insulation is no longer able to maintain a consistent flow of energy within the building. You may find that you have to adjust the temperatures for heating and cooling. That’s because energy is escaping from within the building. Wasted energy is one of the threats to environmental safety. Paying for wasted energy is also a threat to your economic well-being; check your utility bills to see if you’re paying more than you should be.  There are a lot of things you want to spend your money on, but wasted energy isn’t one of them!