Thermal Facades Protect Insulation And Keep Heat From Escaping

Thermal Facades

Thinking about thermal facades reminds us that the Northern Hemisphere is gearing up for winter, the time of year when cold weather strikes. No matter how many winters we’ve seen, we’re never quite prepared for those chilly blasts. Blizzards and polar vortexes make us appreciate the warm comfort inside when it’s freezing outside. It’s also the time when we should pay attention to things like thermal transmission. A material’s U-value tells us how effectively it performs as an insulator. If a material scores a low U-value, it’s a sign that the material is doing its job; it provides more insulation so that less heat escapes. If you know the U-value, you can predict its overall performance. If your building’s insulation is protected by a thermal façade by Danpal, you can be assured that you’ll be snug and warm throughout the cold weather to come.

Thermal Façade Performance Against The Elements

Harsh winter weather isn’t a problem because the Danpatherm System’s thermal façade has a superior wind load resistance. There are other products by other companies that claim to stand up to the rough weather, but Danpal designs and manufactures quality products that are engineered to support a building’s defenses. Danpatherm’s composition blocks moisture and debris from penetrating the separations between the panels. Weather stays out and insulation stays dry.

Thermal Facades Bring Esthetics To the Finished Product

Our thermal facades wouldn’t be a bona fide Danpal product if they only delivered on performance. Of course strength and durability are of paramount importance for a building material, but appearance matters as well. What could be more inviting than daylight, especially during the gloomy winter months when we feel as if we never see the sunshine? But Danpal, a pioneer in daylighting architecture, has found a way to incorporate natural light into the interior of a building, so that we’re not solely dependent upon artificial light during the shorter days. Softlite, a Danpatherm finish, is built into the panels of the thermal façade, bringing inside an even transmission of light minus the glare. If the façade is integrated with a complete LED system, the result delivers the beauty of light during the daytime and nighttime as well.

Danpal Thermal Façade Installation Saves Time And Money

Danpatherm is prefabricated in the factory and when it arrives at the worksite, it’s ready to be installed with no time wasted. Another advantage of Danpatherm’s efficient installation is the reduced need for secondary steel framing; that comes from the product’s ability to span more than three meters with no need for support. If external panels need to be removed, this can be done without an adverse effect to the building. Smooth, efficient installation reduces the amount of time that the job takes, and when time is saved, so is money.

You’ll Notice The Danpal Difference In Thermal Facades

  • Superior thermal insulation
  • Strong wind-load resistance
  • Variable light transmission levels
  • Attractive appearance

For a complete thermal insulation package, choose a Danpal thermal façade. Comfort, beauty, and reliability make it an easy choice.

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