Danpal Commercial Solutions

Danpal Commercial Solutions

A wide range of design options
As well as creatively playing with light in structures, Danpalon’s textures and prints bring a wide array of design options for interior and exterior walls and ceilings. We provide high-quality designs and stunning effects that are perfectly adapted and overlaid. This allows you to create any type of atmosphere or appearance, adding interest to structures and complementing the design.
LED Integration
LEDs give us the tools to address complex urban challenges in new ways. Night-time lighting can be more responsive to environmental, social, and contextual needs through smart technologies. Research shows that lighting can trigger positive behavior by introducing a positively balanced mood. Danpal solutions integrated with LED lighting system can offer artificial lighting for endless design possibilities at night.
Quick and easy installation
Danpal systems with a variety of snap-on interlocking dry-glazed connectors made of polycarbonate or aluminum–providing engineering and design flexibility. Panels can be partially removed and replaced without affecting the building envelope. And these quick and easy features reduce labor costs and construction times.
Natural light and UV Protection
Well-designed buildings should offer as much natural daylight as possible while still maintaining a comfortable internal environment.
Danpal systems provide a brilliant range of daylight harnessing architectural solutions designed for building envelopes and top quality
co-extended UV protection, guaranteeing a longer system life as well.


Danpal Solutions for Commercial Projects


It is a semi-transparent dry assembly system that can be applied according to various environmental settings. Compared to glass, it is a material that is flexible, has excellent transparency, and can express excellent color. The system delivers the perfect balance of light and thermal dynamics for any translucent facade.It enables designers to explore new aesthetic possibilities, creating revolutionary spaces transformed by light. Danpalbrightens a multitude of internal surfaces: walls, partitions, and interior ceilings can become radiant sculptural elements to create a unique ambiance.Available in design and suitable for a variety of structures. The system is made of polycarbonate panels and includes connectors that can be easily inserted and assembled without the need for separate assembly work, making it suitable for various weather conditions and has high impact resistance.


Unique Panel Options



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