Buildings Are Better with Insulation Protection from Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding

A building should be able to last. When the architects draw up the plans for the building, it’s their intent for the structure to endure. One of the most important ways to maintain the structural integrity of a building is also one of the simplest: keep the insulation dry. If insulation is protected from leakages, moisture won’t be able to penetrate the interior of a building. Wall cladding’s mission is to do just that—by preventing the external weather from penetrating the interior of a building, wall cladding keeps the insulation dry.

If your building had ears, it would listen to the weather forecast each day and shudder in fear. That’s because buildings and weather are natural enemies. You might not have realized how much harm weather can cause. Just think about it. Winter brings with it the fury of a snowstorm, with howling winds and hail. Rain is a year-round threat. Even summer, with its bright warmth, presents a threat because of the powerful rays of the sun that beat down on a building.

As you listen to the forecast each day, aren’t you glad that Danpal has created products that help to weather-proof your building’s interior?

Wall CladdingThe Importance of Dry Insulation

Wet insulation can’t insulate. That’s the reason why your building’s insulation must be kept free from damaging leaks that permit moisture to invade the interior of the structure. Compromised insulation undermines the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, which in turn cost you money because you’re using more energy than you really need. When that happens, the environment ultimately pays the long-term price as your building begins to take on a monster-sized carbon footprint.

How to keep your insulation dry? That’s an easy question to answer. Install Danpal wall cladding, which has an air gap that provides natural ventilation with a convective motion that keeps insulation dry. With its double-notching and connector-bound microcell polycarbonate sheets, our wall cladding keeps the moisture out. Insulation remains dry and that reinforces the weather-resistance capabilities of your building.

Easy to Install, Nice to Look at

Danpal wall cladding is completely reliable in performing its designated function. But it’s also attractive so that, just as it shields the inside of a building from moisture, it’s enhancing the external view of a building’s appearance. Options are varied; because our wall cladding is customizable up to 12.0m, Danpal can offer many options. Color is one of the most popular options for those who are looking for ways to make their building get noticed. We’re the go-to company when you’re looking for ways to add daylighting to your building’s attributes. Our panels are light in weight, making installation very easy.

Wall cladding is one of those wonderful building features that multitasks to keep your structure safe and attractive. It lets daylight in, and keeps weather out. When you think about it, wall cladding is the best of both worlds for your building.