How Does Polycarbonate Roofing Provide Shade With Color?

To all who wonder, “does polycarbonate roofing provide shade” the answer is that a skylight shading system is uniquely designed to offer protection from the sun even while admitting natural light inside. The reduction in the effects of the sun does create a degree of shading, along with the UV protection for which even a single polycarbonate roofing panel in clear format is justly well known. A colored façade with different tints can provide different levels of shading, but the broader purpose of polycarbonate plastic roof panels, such as what can be seen in a greenhouse, is for the optimum light transmission that controls the effects of the sun.

How Does Polycarbonate Roofing Provide Shade?

Polycarbonate roofing systems offers a tremendous amount of versatility, so how much shade is provided depends upon the system that you choose.

For instance, you might choose a polycarbonate roofing system for your patio so that you get protection from harmful UV rays while you’re sitting outside, but you’re still able to enjoy the sunlight that comes in. Translucent polycarbonate roofing that blocks out close to 100 percent of the UV rays isn’t stingy with the sunshine. UV rays, as we know, can lead to skin cancer if we don’t shield ourselves from the danger. But there are many benefits to sunlight which are also important to consider. Sunlight is a source of Vitamin D, something that we all need. In the fall and winter, when sunlight is more scarce and darkness predominates, many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder or SAD. Natural light has been shown to improve our moods so that we feel more optimistic and productive.

Tinted polycarbonate roof panels are a fairly recent development in the building industry. These colored polycarbonate sheets with a special coating reflect infrared radiation outward. The right finish eases the glare of the sun so that the interior space still has sufficient lighting even though it’s more evenly dispersed.

There are clear versions of polycarbonate that are as transparent as glass, but weigh half as much and are a lot easier to work with. And when you decide that tinted plastic roof panels are the way to go, you reap these rewards of working with polycarbonate.

Skylight Shading Systems To Balance The Natural Light

Finding the ideal balance between sunlight and shade is a matter of personal preference. Some people like to be in a room that seems to glow with natural light; others prefer a balance. What no one wants is glare, and reducing glare is one of the key features of a skylight shading system.
Having a built-in polycarbonate skylight dome in the structure can provide the natural light you crave without the glare that comes with having too much of a good thing.

Danpal has mastered the formula for providing a balance between sunlight and shade. The Danpal translucent skylight system, which can be installed on both commercial and residential spaces, provides a happy medium for those who love the sunshine, and those who love the shade, while sharing the same interior spaces.

How Does Polycarbonate Roofing Provide Shade Using Colored Facades?

Colored polycarbonate sheets are the perfect marriage of performance and esthetics. Color adds so much to the appearance of a structure, defining a building as modern or traditional, bold or neutral. When color brings its beauty to the function of polycarbonate, the result is a blend of light and color that influences the shading. Thanks to the adaptations provided by cutting-edge technology, a smart façade can even adapt to the conditions of the environment as it controls the output and input of heat while controlling ventilation and maximizing natural light.

As a building material, polycarbonate is valued because of its high quality, its durability, its light weight, its resistance to UV rays, and its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. As the sentry standing guard over the amount of light and shade that comes inside, a skylight shading system with colored polycarbonate gives you the best of the natural world and the best of what technology has created.

Sun Shading Systems: The Smarter Way To Stay Comfortable Inside

Have you noticed how much smarter the world is these days? We have smartphones, smart televisions, smart homes, even smart clothes. Did you know that even daylight has gotten smarter? When you consider how effective sun shading systems are at measuring the amount of light and shade that are admitted into a building, you’ll have a whole new respect for the possibilities of sun shading architecture. Thanks to Danpal’s intelligent daylighting, known as Danpal CONTROLITE®, there’s now an exterior solar shading system that offers complete control of the preferred level of indoor light, no matter what time of year it is, or even what time of day. A louvre shading system transfers control of light and shade from nature to you and, just like that, you’re able to alter the effects of the weather. Living smarter means living better and with Danpal’s sun shading system, it also means living the way you want to live by customizing nature to suit you.

What Does The Danpal Sun Shading System Offer:

  • Optimal comfort during daylight’s changing conditions
    Thanks to the flexibility of sun shading facades, being inside no longer means being a hostage to outside glare if the sunlight is too bright. Staying comfortable no matter what’s going on outside has given the twenty-first century a dynamic new way to partner with nature!
  • Sustainable design
    The environment benefits from modern shading technology that lets consumers control the amount of direct solar radiation that enters living and work spaces. With vertical sun shading at work, a building’s carbon footprint is eased in terms of its internal temperature. Comfort for the consumer and support for the environment is always a Danpal priority.
  • Energy efficiency
    Because of the reduced need for artificial lighting, and the addition of passive heating and cooling methods into a building’s performance, solar shading facades make it possible to increase personal comfort while relying less on traditional HVAC systems.
  • Money saved thanks to reduced use of heating and cooling systems
    You know what your heating bills look like in the winter, as well as your air conditioning costs in the summer. It’s easy to translate architectural sunshades into money saved!

How the Architectural Sunshades System – CONTROLITE® Works

With a translucent glazing panel that has integrated, rotating louvers, the transmission levels of daylight can be optimized to suit your personal preference. CONTROLITE® also controls solar heat gain so that an increase in temperature doesn’t present an obstacle to your personal comfort when you’re inside. Because of the innovative way that sunshade in building construction transforms the outdoors into a willing partner for consumer comfort, humans and structures are working together for the first time in history. Heat and light levels change outside during the day, but Danpal’s sun shading system is designed to nullify that schedule by altering the transmission of light, shade and solar heat gain. By maximizing daylight during the cold of winter, and blocking solar gain when summer heat is at its fiercest, this solar shading is your advocate for weather control.

A Sun Shading System That’s Designed For Energy Consumption and Sustainability

Holding ourselves accountable for the manner in which we treat the environment is the mark of today’s energy consumer. It’s also the mark of Danpal’s innovative research and development. We’re known as the company that adheres to the Global Vision, Local Focus business model by designing products and shading systems that keep customers happy because they trust us to do right by the planet. Our exterior solar shading system’s Controlite® panels are integrated into buildings with energy-efficient design, so that the designers can earn credit points according to the green building ratings.

Movable shading retracts on cloudy days outside, so that natural light and its accompanying solar gain can come inside, reducing dependence on heating and electric lighting. When building occupants opt for natural sunlight, fresh air and ventilation instead of turning on the heating and cooling systems, energy usage is reduced without a loss of comfort for people. Shade shifting at its best defeats heat gain at its worst.

Get Smart With Architectural Sunshades

  • Rotating louvers that adjust their position throughout the day in order to optimize the amount of outdoor natural light that enters inside spaces.
  • A sun shading system that gives heating and cooling systems a break during times of the year when outside light, heat, and air can create a comfortable inside atmosphere.
  • Reduced dependence on energy, so that personal lifestyles reflect a commitment to sustainability.
  • Paying less for utility costs without sacrificing comfort.

It’s not just appliances and gadgets that are smarter these days. Consumers who choose Danpal’s are pretty smart, too.

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A Louver Façade Is At Your Service For Sunlight and Shade

If you’re lucky enough to have had a louver façade installed on the exterior of your building, you’re relishing the presence of sunny days and warmer temperatures. Now that summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere, people think that weather worries are over. There’s certainly no threat of blizzards for those countries where June, July, and August herald a chance to enjoy outdoor activities uninhibited by snow and cold. However, too much of a good thing, even the summer sun, can present problems. With sunshine comes glare; with warm weather comes heat and humidity. Being able to control those weather features is one of the reasons why a louver façade is such a popular architectural addition to a design.

A Louver Façade Adds Weather Control And Comfort To A Building’s Interior

On a perfect day, when the temperature is just right, a louver system can make things even better by bringing the outdoors inside. On an imperfect day, one in which rain has darkened the skies and brought dampness and chill along with it, your louver façade keeps the inclement weather out. Microcell technology has proven its strength and versatility. It presents a strong defense against weather’s extremes, which helps to keep insulation dry and free from the moisture that could otherwise compromise your energy efficiency. Because Danpal facades are famed for their light weight and ease of installation, they’re a popular choice among architects.

Sunshine and Shade Brought To You By A Louver Façade

Bringing the outdoors inside means finding the right balance between sunlight and shade. Sunshine, for all its wonders, can sometimes be too bright. That’s when we need shade and that’s one of the ways in which a louver façade can blend the benefits of natural light with the comfort of shade. Too warm? Too bright? No problem for a shading system Daylighting architecture delivers the weather the way that you like it, with fresh air on demand, and shade when you need it.

How A Louver Façade Improves Energy Efficiency

It’s natural that, in cold weather, we depend upon our heating systems; in hot weather, we crank up the air conditioning. But with 365 days in a calendar year, there are many days when we don’t need heating or cooling. That’s when a louver façade can make an enormous difference, both in your comfort and in your energy usage. You’ll relish those days when you have all the advantages of the beautiful outdoors while you work inside—the natural light, the fresh breezes, the shade—without those negative aspects of nature, like bugs, glare, and humidity.

Happiness Is a Louver Façade

Well, that might be an exaggeration, but when you think about it, you realize that a louver façade, by giving you more control over the level of nature that you allow into your workspace or living space, does make you feel better and more productive. These days, when the remote working and learning models are becoming far more familiar, isn’t it a good idea to find out whether your home office would benefit from a louver system?

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Your Louvre Shading System And Danpal Innovation

What’s the light up to these days? If the question puzzles you, that might mean that you need to give more thought to the performance of your louvre shading system. Controlling the amount of shade that comes into your building is one of the features of the louvre shading system, but there’s a lot that goes on to make sure that you’re completely comfortable. Danpal, a leader in the building industry because we never stop innovating, has come up with a dynamic new technology that’s unique in external fixed louvre systems.

What Is The DanpaShade Louvre System?

When you select the DanpaShade Louvre Shading System, you’re benefitting from a high-quality environment for your interior working and living space. Each DanpaShade louvre system is constructed from the so-strong and so-lightweight Danpalon polycarbonate material. Danpal customers are familiar with the company’s talent for manufacturing products that are incredibly strong and amazingly light. When you get that combination, plus the ability to control how much sunlight and shade can enter your spaces, you know that you’re getting a good deal.

louvre shading systemWhat Is The Aura Louvre System?

The Aura Louvre System lets you partner with architecture, energy conservation, and visual esthetics to select a louvre shading system that offers Danpal’s 2 in 1 color options as you color with shade. You’re protecting the environment and expressing your personal esthetic choices all at the same time, and you’re using the shade that nature offers as an ingredient in the mix.
What Are The Features of the Danpal Louvre Shading System
Architects and clients all over the world have come to expect dazzling innovation from Danpal, and our louvre shading system does not disappoint. It offers a horizontal or a vertical installation, color-shift technology and dual-color integration, shade-shift properties, Z-frame construction, l/and ightweight design. The spacing between the louvre ribs produces a highly attractive quality of light which adds to the overall attractiveness of the structure.

Performance Matches Esthetics In The Danpal Louvre Shading System

Danpal’s Microcell technology ensures that the louvre shading system will be up to the challenge of any kind of weather, regardless of whether it snows, rains, hails, or whether the intense sun beats down upon it. High-impact resistance keeps the system strong even in the fiercest weather conditions.

Not only are you in charge of the weather when you have a louvre shading system, but you’re also the one who gets to choose the color of the system. Danpal is a pioneer in daylighting architecture and we know how much we benefit when sunlight can be added to our indoors. But we also understand and agree that color does a lot to brighten up a building. That’s why our louvre systems are available in colors, effects, and finishes that impress with esthetic appeal. Even though it’s your building, it also has a place in the community. We want to make sure that your structure makes a good impression among its neighboring buildings.

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Danpal’s Solar Shading System Creates Intelligent Daylighting

A solar shading system is used to optimize the levels of visible light and solar heat gain that will be allowed into a structure. When it’s cloudy outside, movable shading retracts to allow natural light, and the solar gain that it brings, to enter a building so that there is less internal dependence on heating and electric light. Because human being spend an estimated 90 percent of their daily lives inside, have a need for heat and light, even when they’re inside the workplace. Research and technology have devised a way for architectural design and technology to refine the process by which heat and shade enter a building. Danpal’s  Controlite® System has created intelligent daylighting, a solar shading system that delivers complete control of the desired level of light intensity inside a building, no matter what season of the year.

Danpal’s Controlite® System Brings A Season Of Solar Control

Daylight advances and retreats according to the schedule that the sun has imposed upon it, but with technology, buildings are no longer required to submit to nature’s rules. By controlling the transmission of daylight and solar heat gain, Controlite® optimizes light and heat to deliver comfort to buildings. As the day proceeds, the levels of heat and sunshine outside are changing. Inside, the building is geared up to counteract that schedule by adapting to the changing light conditions and altering the amounts of indoor light, solar heat gain, and shade. The system also helps minimize some of the extremes in temperature that come as a result of hot and cold weather.

How Controlite® Brings A Solar Shading System and Energy Efficiency Together

The Controlite® panels that are integrated into the design of the building follow through on the original planning, reducing the energy usd by heating, artificial lighting, and air conditioning. The Controlite® system significantly reduces energy use from air-conditioning, heating, and artificial lighting. Credit points are earned with the rating systems used by green buildings.

How Controlite® Saves Money By Saving Energy

If the heat and light of the daylight hours can be controlled through technology, the result is a positive one for everyone. Occupants of a building benefit from the increased shade and reduced glare that would otherwise be coming into the building. A building’s heating and cooling systems get a break because the use of natural light or shade and the warmth of the sun reduces the need for artificial light eases utility costs in season. No one is going to argue when the results add money to our budgets!

How Controlite® Intelligent Daylighting Works

The translucent glazing panel has rotating louvres that adjust their position during the day in order to take full advantage of the levels of daylight that are coming into the building from the outside. Natural light makes it easier for people inside to see and, as studies have shown, bringing daylight into a structure gives the occupants inside a more positive feeling about themselves and their productivity.

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Horizontal Louvres Are Danpal’s Comfort Color Chart

As much as we like the sunshine, we can’t help but wish that nature came equipped with some customizable features like horizontal louvres so that, when we’re outdoors, we’d be able to control the levels of light and minimize the glare. So far, Mother Nature has not proven herself willing to allow that but fortunately, Mother Nature does not have the final say over what goes on inside. That’s why, with Danpal horizontal louvres, the consumer decides how much sunlight is too much, and when the irritation of glare needs to be subdued by the relief of shade. With Danpal and architectural innovation, we’re able to enjoy nature on our terms.

Scheduling Sunlight With Horizontal Louvres

Depending on the time of day, sunshine makes an appearance at different places in the room and some of those times might be especially inconvenient for us, depending on what we’re doing and how much glare is interfering with what we’re looking at. Horizontal louvres are designed to offer different angles so that we can bring in the sunlight and close off the glare.

Using Horizontal Louvres To Improve Ventilation

Fresh air on a temperate day is something that many of us enjoy, particularly if we’re working inside. Fresh air helps to keep us alert and even if we wish we could be outside enjoying leisure, we at least benefit from the ventilation indoors. Horizontal louvres can be angled so that the windows bring in air from outside. If we want lots of air, the louvres allow for maximized air flow to almost as much as the full width of the window.

Maximizing Horizontal Louvres Ventilation to Improve Energy Efficiency

We depend upon our heating and cooling systems to keep us comfortable inside when we’re dealing with winter cold, summer heat, autumn frost, and spring rains. But with accessible ventilation, consumers can also take advantage of fresh air, sunshine, and shade from outside. Horizontal louvres make it possible to stay comfortable on temperate days without turning on the heat or the air conditioning. Your heating and cooling systems get a break. So does your budget—fresh air is free!

Louvres and the Danpal Translucent Polycarbonate Shading System

Did you know that comfort comes in different colors? It does with the DanpaShade Louvre System, which not only gives you the option of choosing the ventilation comfort level that’s right for you but also lets you decide what color it should be. You’ve known Danpal as a leader in designing building materials that are durable and easy to work with. Now you know that they also manufacture products that let you redefine the color of comfort.

Why You Should Choose Danpal for Your Horizontal Louvres

Danpal’s pioneering of daylighting architecture makes the company a leader in innovation. Danpal’s mitment to a Global Vision, Local Focus philosophy combines holistic values, environmental consciousness, and the innovation that’s driven over half a century. Danpal calls five different continents home; that means that the globe is our operational center and the human population is our customer base.

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Vertical Sun Shading Leaves The Sunshine Up To You

There’s weather, and there’s daylight, and there’s vertical sun shading. If you live in a region where there’s lots of sunshine, you already know that once the air conditioning is turned on, the energy bills increase. If you live in an area where winter is cold and it seems as if the sun never shines, then you dread getting your heating bill. But if you install a vertical shading system, not only can you maximize and minimize sun and shade to suit the seasons. You can also bring natural light indoors so that winter days aren’t so dark, and you can add shade on sunny days. It’s all a matter of personal preference. Danpal wants to give you what you want, and we’ve designed and manufactured the vertical louvre system that puts you in charge of the sunshine!

The addition of a vertical shading system can show weather and daylight how to play nice in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise do without a little help from Danpal. Danpal knows how much of an impact a vertical louvre system can have on your structure’s appearance, on the heating and cooling costs, and on the environment. Making the decision to steer the sunlight to suit your personal comfort zone takes architecture into a holistic direction.

How Does Vertical Sun Shading Affect Energy Consumption?

Vertical sun shades are effective because they are based upon knowledge of the sun’s position in the sky. That position—bear with us, it’s a little bit of astronomy here, but it’ll help to understand how vertical sun shading works—is described as altitude and azimuth angles. The angle of the sun when it’s above the horizon is the altitude angle. The sun is at its maximum height at solar noon. The azimuth angle is the angle of the sun’s projection to the ground, relative to the southern direction.

If you don’t have a vertical louvre system that is designed with the position of the sun in mind, the calendar might be a problem. What does that mean? Well, let’s say you’re using blackout curtains to block out the sun. That’s fine for the hot summer months, but what about the spring months, when you’d like a little more of the sun’s warmth coming in? Your blinds aren’t going to change position just because the weather is cooler. A vertical sun shading system, on the other hand, is specifically designed to optimize the position of the sun when you want it the most, and to lower its intensity when you don’t want it as much.

All of which means that if your building’s vertical sun shades are designed well—and if you’re installing Danpal vertical sun shading, you know they are—you have the means to not only improve the quality of natural lighting inside a building, but also lower the building’s peak heat gain and cooling needs. Reductions in annual cooling energy consumption can be as much as 5 percent to 10 percent. Buildings use a lot of energy, so by reducing consumption and increasing energy efficiency with a vertical shading system, you’re helping the planet.

During the cooling season, exterior vertical sun shading can keep solar heat gain from entering a conditioned space where that heat isn’t wanted.

How Does Vertical Sun Shading Affect Personal Comfort?

But there’s a personal consideration if you’re pondering the benefits of external vertical sun shading. Everyone loves a sunny day, but who loves the accompanying glare that can make it hard to see? Glare on a laptop can make it just about impossible to read what’s on the screen, and that means that productivity is reduced. Visual comfort is a significant factor in the workplace. Vertical sun screens can reduce contrast ratios and make it easier to see. Not only does productivity increase as a result, but so does personal comfort. We love sunlight, but when too much is coming inside from the outdoors, it can wear out its welcome.

How Does Vertical Sun Shading Affect A Building’s Appearance?

Exterior vertical sun shading gives a building its own distinctive look. Esthetics have a lot to do with how a neighborhood or business community is perceived and every individual structure plays a part in that perception. The daylighting architecture that Danpal has pioneered also delivers a new aesthetic to your interior working and living space. By balancing daylight and shade, the indoors becomes your own weather comfort zone.

Sun Shading Louvres are a Gateway for Sunlight

Louvres are one of the best ways that architecture can offer indoor dwellers the opportunity to enjoy a bit of the outdoors even while they’re sitting in a room. Why should nature be experienced only during the months when we traditionally participate in outdoor activities? When you’re inside, the daylight outside your window is irresistible. Louvres allow that daylight to come inside. But what happens when the sunlight coming in becomes too intense and the glare makes it impossible to see with any clarity? Once again, it’s louvres to the rescue. In the case of glare, it’s sun shading louvres that can make the difference by blocking the glare and creating shade, so that you decide how much of the sunlight to admit.

How Sun Shading Louvres Work in Different Seasons

We require different things from nature and nowhere is this more apparent than with sunlight. How much sunlight is just enough? Sun shading louvres manage that balance: they can let in more direct sunlight when it’s the season for turning on the heat; when it’s time for air conditioning, the louvres can block the direct sunlight from coming in. Over the course of the building’s life span, energy consumption is actually reduced.

What Sun Shading Louvres Offer for the Environment

It might seem hard to believe that the way you ventilate your building can have an ecological effect, but it’s true. Sun shading louvres work especially well in structures that have a significant window surface. The louvres can shield the interior space from the intense effects of the sun; namely, high temperatures and glare. Temperature alteration of this nature can keep rooms cool without needing as much air conditioning. That reduction in mechanical cooling leads to more energy efficiency and money saved. A sustainable lifestyle benefits us as well as the environment and sun shading louvres can help with that smart move.

The Danpal Louvre System Shows off the Appeal of Sun Shading Louvres

In addition to their performance, the sun shading louvres also add an esthetic touch to a building. Danpal offers an impressive range of colors and finishes so that you can choose the louvres that are best suited for the overall architectural design of your building. You can select a glossy or matte finish, as well as assorted color combinations. You’ll find louvres a satisfying addition to your building, not only because of the enhanced appearance, but because so much choice is available to you.
The choice of how much light and shade is one of the Danpal® Louvre System’s most satisfying features. You’ll customize daylight itself as you set the louvres on completely open, half open, or completely closed, depending upon the weather that day and your own preference.
Of course, performance is always key for customer satisfaction and Danpal never disappoints. Our Microcell technology, high-impact resistance, easy and affordable installation, and co-extruded UV protection that gives the system a long life span are all proof that at Danpal, our innovative tradition delivers customer satisfaction with every product we manufacture.

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A Louvre Façade Lets You Play With Sunlight and Shade

What are louvre facades? You see them in office buildings and shopping center, in indoor and outdoor settings, enhancing the physical appearance of structures but also providing a valuable function as well. Danpal façade system are designed for the purpose of reducing the transfer of heat and the intensity of light, as well as improving a structure’s physical appearance. Installation can place the louvres against the building, or else they can be protruded in order to provide shading.
The traditional role of a typical façade system is not to play a structural role in a building’s design, but to prevent moisture from causing damage to the interior of that structure. Hail, wind, snow and rain are a building’s natural foes, one which it faces day after day. Danpal uses Microcell technology to defend a building from those harsh elements. Louvre facades are just as strong as a typical Danpal façade system, but they offer something extra. They let you, the consumer, decide how much of the external weather you want to invite inside. Nobody is going to welcome a downpour of rain or a snowstorm inside, but what about those bright and sunny days, when the air is fresh and the day is bright? That’s when Danpal’s daylighting architecture can let you and the sunlight meet on your terms while you’re inside. For those days when the sun is so bright that the glare is unbearable and the heat too intense, you still have control over how much of a hot summer day is going to come in. The louvres can be closed entirely to bring shade to your interior.

Louvre Facades Play With Sunlight and Shade

Wonder what Danpal is up to these days? What if we told you that Danpal, a leader in the building industry for over fifty years and a trailblazer in daylighting architecture, has been learning to play with sunlight and shade?
Danpalon® Louvre, a translucent shading system, empowers the customers to determine the balance of light and shade that is perfect for them, creating an internal atmosphere that meets their preferences. Louvre facades can be installed on various building types, and with the dazzling selection of colors and finishes for which Danpal is known, the result creates internal comfort and external beauty.
Along with that customized control over sunlight and shade comes the mastery over ventilation. Adding louvre facades to a structure allows for the welcome presence of fresh air coming in from outside and on a pleasant day, there’s nothing like the enticement of warm breezes to invigorate interior working and living space. If the day is cool and not conducive to open louvres, then they can be closed. This feature expands a building’s energy efficiency by allowing nature to carry some of the burden of adding comfort to the indoors, but always on your terms and according to your personal preferences.
Danpal designs the products. The architect designs the building. You, the customer, design your comfort zone.

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Horizontal Louvres Let the Sunshine In

As we all know, sunlight strikes different places at different hours of the day. But sunlight, as much as we love to see it, and as much as we benefit from it, can be excessive. Glare from sunlight can prevent us from seeing as well as we would like and that’s when the sunlight turns into an impediment to better vision. So what’s the sweet spot between the right amount of sunlight and too much glare? Horizontal louvres can shade the angles differently so that sunlight is something we can enjoy without the glare. Made of a variety of different materials, including vinyl, aluminium, wood and fabric, horizontal louvres are often preferred for tall windows that might be small or narrow. Choosing horizontal louvres is a smart way to let the sunshine in!

What are the Advantages of Horizontal Louvres?


Louvres offer many advantages, including improved ventilation, diffusion of daylight and a reduction of glare, and privacy. Horizontal louvres, which can be angled to give control over the flow of air, maximize the ability of the window to provide a flow of air, to almost the complete width of the window.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a key component of horizontal louvres because the ventilation that comes from the air that comes in lets you reduce the amount of heat and cooling that you need to stay comfortable. This, in turn, lowers the amount that you pay in your energy bills.

Cleaning Ease

When it’s time to clean the louvres, you don’t have all the preparation and fuss of going outside and trying to figure out how to balance your cleaning supplies and yourself on a ladder. That’s because horizontal louvres can be cleaned from the inside, making this a household chore that is no longer one to dread.

How Horizontal Louvres Reflect a New Danpal Technology

Danpal, a building company with a presence on five continents, has built a reputation for innovation through its half-century of leadership in the industry. Now Danpal, with its Translucent Polycarbonate Shading System, has created a unique direction for external fixed louvre systems.
The louvre systems are the new way to provide an upgrade to interior working and living spaces. The DanpaShade louvre system, constructed from Danpalon’s lightweight, UV-protected material, lets you choose the comfort level and the color of louvre that’s exactly what you want and precisely what your space needs. DanpaShade Aura offers you a choice of unique 2-in-1 color options. The latest Aura Louvre System fulfills Danpal’s commitment to function, appearance, and energy efficiency. What’s the style that’s right for you?
Danpal believes in providing the highest quality of building materials for consumers, but the company also believes that consumers deserve to choose products that add to their comfort and satisfaction. Horizontal louvres are one of the ways that Danpal is adding personal choice to the range of architectural options for consumers to consider. Sunlight, ventilation, and satisfaction, coming in through your louvres.

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Exterior Vertical Louvres Give You Interior Climate Control

Exterior vertical louvres not only provide a means of protecting your windows, but they also allow you to enhance the outside appearance of a building. The vertical louvres, which are set within a frame and placed on the sides of the windows, have other advantages as well. Because they are located on the exterior of the structure, they offer privacy for the occupants inside. They still deliver sunlight and fresh air, bringing the outdoors into your rooms so you reap the benefits of nature while controlling how much of it you want to enjoy. Weather is unpredictable, but exterior vertical louvres let you build the perfect forecast inside.

Here’s Your Exterior Vertical Louvre Weather Report

What’s the weather like outside? If there’s a pleasant breeze outside and you want to enjoy it even though you’re inside, you can open the louvres for optimum ventilation. But if it’s a hot, humid day, the kind of day when you want to escape the temperature, you can close the shutters and savor the shade. The marvellous thing about exterior vertical louvres is that you can enjoy just as much of weather as you prefer, for climate control on your terms!

Maintaining Your Exterior Vertical Louvres

After facing the rain, wind, and snow, your louvres might need to be cleaned, but you won’t have to worry about their ability to withstand the harsh elements because Danpal products can handle whatever the forecast brings your way. Keep in mind that because your exterior vertical louvres are located outside the structure, you may need a ladder in order to reach them. Depending upon the material that the louvres are made of, they can be hosed down and then cleaned. After the louvres are washed, they can be dried with a mop or cloth.

Danpal® Louvre Translucent Shading System and Exterior Vertical Louvres

Louvres are a very satisfying way to include the parts of nature that you like the most into your interior living and working space. There’s the comfort level to be considered, but in these times when so many people are working from home, exterior vertical louvres, when opened to let the sunlight in, also provide you with natural Vitamin D. That means that you can improve your own health just by opening the louvres.
But if it’s a hot day, and you don’t want the heat to get inside, that’s easy to take care of too. The Louvre Translucent Shading System by Danpal lets you experiment with sunlight and shade so that you select the blend of nature that’s perfect for you. You spend a lot of time inside, and now you can share your home with nature. But it’s your home, and you make the rules!
The weather continues to remain powerful outside. Rain, snow and wind are what we expect throughout the different seasons. Don’t worry, though; Danpal’s Microcell technology ensures high-impact resistance to protect the louvres. The system’s snap-on interlocking dry-glazed connectors makes sure of that.

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Metal Louvres, the Stronger, More Flexible, More Sustainable Option

Louvres make an attractive addition to any structure, but you may not know that they also serve a practical purpose, one which demonstrably improves the interior structure for the occupants within. Louvres assist in the ventilation of a building and the material that the louvres are made of also brings additional benefits to the feature. They’re an easy way to add to the comfort of the people who live and work inside the structure; they add ventilation, but they also can increase or reduce the light and shade inside, depending upon preference. Metal louvres, by improving the ventilation of a building, are a sustainable way to lower your heating and cooling costs, helping to provide control over the internal climate of the structure. They are easy to maintain and, unlike other materials such as wood, don’t require a regular schedule of maintenance and upkeep. When you’re making a decision on what material to use for your choice of louvres, you’re going to want to learn more about the advantages of metal.

The Versatility of Metal Louvres

Because of their composition, metal louvre can be formed into the shape that meets the specifications of the customer so that they fit into the space that’s been designated for them. When you’re choosing Danpal products, you’ll soon learn that customer = customization. We don’t expect all buildings to be identical, so why would customer preferences be? If you choose metal louvres, you’re going to be delighted with the range of options that await you.

The Durability of Metal Louvres

Metal louvres seem lighter than those made of other materials, but it’s that lightness of weight which adds to their flexibility. But don’t be fooled, because even though they’re light in weight, they’re among the most durable of all building materials. The basic composition of metal demonstrates that flexible and durable can partner for superior building material.

Metal Louvres and the Environment

In these times when awareness of how much our individual actions affect one another and the planet, metal louvres are a particularly wise environmental choice to make. Metal is environmentally friendly because it’s recyclable and can be reused and reprocessed multiple times without sacrificing the quality of its intrinsic properties. No landfill dump for metal; it can be taken to a recycling centre when it’s no longer needed.

The Esthetics of Metal Louvres

Danpal’s commitment to quality is renowned throughout the building industry. Our dedication to our motto, Global Vision, Local Focus, makes us a steadfast partner in the pursuit of environmental responsibility. We’re also steadfast in our belief that esthetics needs to be factored into the architectural design of a structure. Metal louvre support the Danpal position on all of these metrics. When you add color and style to a building, it becomes more than a structure. It has an image, and at Danpal, we’re proud of that image. You will be too.

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Wall Louvres Offer Choices That You’ll Enjoy

Louvres add a lot to a building, not only in performance but also in appearance. Wall louvres are designed to improve ventilation so that air can flow into a building while the weather remains outside. Wall louvres let the air in, and while it’s wonderful to have fresh air circulating in a room, no one wants to deal with the unwelcome parts of weather, like rain. Wall louvres can also prevent the outside dust and debris from getting inside. Wall louvres manage to do all this while adding to the esthetic appeal of a building’s exterior.

The Benefits of Ventilation in a Building

Most of us spend the majority of our day and night inside, which means that we aren’t getting a lot of fresh air. After a day spent in air that’s stale, we feel a little stale ourselves. No one says that outside air is always pure; pollution is a factor we all deal with. But inside air, without good ventilation to bring in fresh air and move the stale air, has its own negative qualities; there can be bacteria, mold, and pollutants. That’s why wall louvres can help keep your working space and living space well ventilated to provide good air flow.

Choose The Danpal® Danpashade Louvre System For Your Wall Louvres

Danpal is proud to present an impressive array of building products which vary in style but there are certain qualities that are shared by all the items that we manufacture and that’s true as well for our wall louvres. Danpal has been in business for over fifty years, and in that half-century, we’ve learned how to develop products that are durable enough to stand up to whatever weather conditions they’ll have to face, while remaining in compliance with building code regulations. Weather is tough, but Danpal’s Microcell technology is tougher, with high- impact resistance to support a system with a double-tooth grip-lock connection that guarantees extended longevity, no matter how powerfully the winds are blowing. It’s also designed for daylight applications with tight spacing between the wall louvre ribs to produce an exceptional quality of light. The longevity of the system is strengthened by the panels which provide co-extruded UV protection
Daylight delivers its own esthetic appeal and Danpal, which has been a pioneer in the area of daylighting architecture, has done much to make natural light a feature that can be added to the design of a structure. But Danpal brings even more to the esthetics of the system. We emphasize appearance as well as function and our Danpal® Louvre translucent shading system lets you choose from a variety of color combinations.
There’s one more feature of our wall louvre system that will convince you that you’re making the right choice when you choice Danpal. Our wall louvres aren’t just the esthetic choice, the performance choice—they’re also the economic choice, because installation, with snap-on interlocking dry-glazed connectors, is simple to do. Simple means easy, and that means minimal inconvenience and that means easy on your wallet!

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