Solar Shading System: The Smarter Way To Stay Comfortable Inside

Solar Shading System

Notice how much smarter the world is these days? We have smart phones, smart televisions, smart homes, even smart clothes. Did you know that even daylight has gotten smarter? Thanks to Danpal’s intelligent daylighting, known as Danpal CONTROLITE®, there’s now a solar shading system that offers complete control of the preferred level of indoor light, no matter what time of year it is, or even what time of day. Living smarter means living better and with Danpal’s solar shading system, it also means living the way you want to live by customizing nature to suit you.

What Does The Danpal Solar Shading System Offer:

  • Optimal comfort during daylights changing conditions
  • Sustainabile design
  • Energy efficiency
  • Money saved thanks to reduced use of heating and cooling systems

How the CONTROLITE® Solar Shading System Works

With a translucent glazing panel that has integrated, rotating louvers, the transmission levels of daylight can be optimized to suit your personal preference. CONTROLITE® also controls solar heat gain so that solar heat gain doesn’t need to be a problem for you when you’re inside. Heat and light levels change outside during the day, but Danpal’s solar shading system is designed to nullify that schedule by altering the transmission of light, shade and solar heat gain. By maximizing daylight during the cold of winter, and blocking solar gain when summer heat is at its fiercest, this solar shading is your advocate for weather control.

A Solar Shading System That’s Designed For Energy Consumption and Sustainability

Holding ourselves accountable for the manner in which we treat the environment is the mark of today’s energy consumer. It’s also the mark of Danpal’s innovative research and development. We’re known as the company that adheres to the Global Vision, Local Focus business model by designing products that keep customers happy because they trust us to do right by the planet. Our solar shading system’s Controlite® panels are integrated into buildings with energy-efficient design, so that the designers can earn credit points according to the green building ratings. Movable shading retracts on cloudy days outside, so that natural light and its accompanying solar gain can come inside, reducing dependence on heating and electric lighting. When building occupants opt for natural sunlight, fresh air and ventilation instead of turning on the heating and cooling systems, energy usage is reduced without a loss of comfort for people.

Get Smart With Solar Shading

Rotating louvers that adjust their position throughout the day in order to optimize the amount of outdoor natural light that enters inside spaces. A solar shading system that gives heating and cooling systems a break during times of the year when outside light, heat, and air can create a comfortable inside atmosphere. Reduced dependence on energy, so that personal lifestyles reflect a commitment to sustainability. Paying less for utility costs without sacrificing comfort. It’s not just appliances and gadgets that are smarter these days. Consumers who choose Danpal products are pretty smart, too.

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