Curtain glass facade

Façade Materials

Danpal building resources are intended to cover the broad spectrum of a building’s existence.  That spectrum reaches from the functional details which define its physical ability to withstand the powerful forces of nature that manifest themselves through weather to the esthetic influences that allow a structure to be more than just an assembly of floors, walls and a ceiling. It is this ability to engage in the “big picture” view of a building design that makes Danpal’s expertise so highly regarded in the industry.  Danpal curtain glass facades, in particular, exemplify this dual focus on function and appearance so that you’re comfortable and dry inside, while the outside of the building shows off the originality and flair of the architectural design.

Curtain Glass Facades Perform Well Against Weather

Keeping weather from intruding into the interior of a building serves a twofold purpose. Weather and moisture that manage to get into the interior spaces of a building can ruin the insulation, which needs to stay dry in order for heating and cooling systems to work efficiently.  Dry insulation also serves another purpose, and that is to keep energy from escaping. Escaping energy is wasted energy and that’s an environmental threat to the planet.  

It’s Danpal’s Microcell technology that is the key to the effectiveness of the curtain glass facades.  There’s a double-click locking seam that delivers higher load resistance. Snap-on connections prevent weather from getting past the protective barrier. The superior quality of the system offers equally superior thermal insulation. 

Natural Light With The Danpal Curtain Glass Facades

Danpal facades continue to attract new customers because who can resist the charm of natural light? Architects know that Danpal products offer the highest quality available in the industry. But the company’s ability to develop facades that are so successful at including natural light in the design of a structure is always a winning point. Natural light has many obvious benefits, but here’s one that can’t be configured into an architect’s blueprint: natural light makes people feel better. That fact may not show up in the plans, but when it’s time to choose a façade system, Danpal’s daylighting architecture wins every time.