Double-Glazed Glass Adds Insulating Capabilities To A Building

Double-Glazed Glass

Double-glazed glass is an efficient way to keep a building warmer in cold weather, and in times when rising costs are driving all of us to pay closer attention to our utility bills, this can make a real difference in our household economy. The double glazing performs as an insulator to reduce the movement of hot or cold air from the interior of a structure to the exterior. This allows the internal air to remain warmer or cooler for a longer period of time.

Because of the reduced air flow, double glazing also keeps condensation from forming within a structure on those days when it’s chilly outside and toasty within. The energy efficiency of environmentally friendly double glazing keeps heating bills lower in the winter—perhaps by as much as 50%! Warm air that’s contained within a home or workplace doesn’t get lost out the window, so energy isn’t wasted. That’s one of the ways that double-glazed glass benefits the environment.

How The Double-Glazed Glass System Performs

Microcell technology, a mainstay of Danpal innovation, once again makes its mark in the effectiveness of Danpal’s double-glazed glass system. Microcell technology is touted for its durability and the exceptional quality of its composition. Double glazing creates a cavity in between the two facades, and within that cavity there is a flow of air. By maintaining a consistent temperature, this system can deliver an improved extraction of heat that boosts energy efficiency. The superior thermal characteristics of Danpatherm makes it possible for heat to be stored and transmitted. The Microcell technology provides UV protection, high-impact resistance, and impenetrable barriers to external air and moisture that, if allowed inside, could damage the insulation of a building. With Microcell strength and Danpatherm’s superior thermal properties, it’s easy to understand why double-glazed glass makes such a difference in the ability of a structure to prevent the external elements from ruining our comfort.

Expect Ease And Efficiency With Danpal’s Double-Glazed Glass

From prefabrication at the factory to panel removal for long-term maintenance, Danpatherm is a model of efficiency. The double-glazed glass panels leave the factory and arrive at the worksite ready to be installed. If, on down the line, maintenance is needed, either the interior or the exterior panel can be removed without lessening the system’s weather protection. That’s a savings in effort, time, and money that benefits everyone from builders to customers.

Double-Glazed Glass And the Threat Imposed By Weather

All the innovation that has gone into the development of double glazing has been focused on efforts to keep weather at bay. Danpal designers and engineers know how effective cutting-edge technology can be against the eternal threat of weather. Each season brings its own unique threat to a building; the Danpal response to the fierce winds, powerful storms, punishing hail, and relentless heat that the seasons deliver is to create double-glazed glass that’s able to keep insulation dry, to maintain consistent temperatures within a structure, and to support the comfort of the occupants inside.

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