Flat skylights for flat roofs

Roofing Systems

One of the most important decisions to be made when an architect is drawing up plans for a new building concerns the roof.  The roof, to a great extent, determines the style of the building. For many, a skylight is one way of giving the roofing system a unique appearance  that can enhance the entire building. Danpal’s skylight systems explore new possibilities for the ways in which natural light can be included in the interior spaces of a building.  Flat skylights for flat roofs offer a dazzling perspective on the heavens above; there’s the natural light during the daytime and at night, there’s the opportunity to gaze up at the stars and moon and enjoy a little astronomy with your slumber. 


Flat Skylights For Flat Roofs: A Popular Trend In Construction
Some people still believe that if you have a flat roof, you won’t be able to install a skylight, but we’re happy to say that this isn’t the case.  Many buildings have a flat roof, and Danpal technology makes it possible to install a flat skylight. The flat roof skylights are specifically designed for flat roofs, using the versatile and flexible building material polycarbonate. 

Flat Skylights For Flat Roofs Provide Sturdy Weather Resistance

Danpal roofing is known for being a cut above the competition and that’s still the case when installing flat skylights for flat roofs.  Bringing in natural light for the daytime doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice weather resistance; in fact, that’s just the opposite of what you’ll get with a Danpal skylight.  Skylights are tough enough to resist the impact of hail, wind, snow and rain. Whether you’re enjoying the light during the daytime or the view at night, you can be confident that you’re snug and safe inside.