Frameless glass facade

A building isn’t just a home or a workplace. It has a function, certainly, and the architectural design establishes the performance which the building needs to provide.  But a building is also an investment, something to be protected and nurtured. As is the case with any investment, there are threats to a building’s safety and structural health and value.  Proper maintenance, sufficient weather protection, and attention to the appearance of a building all play a role in keeping the structure in peak condition.  When an architect works on the design for the building, he or she has to be alert to the ways in which the structure can maintain its worth. Frameless glass facades are one of the ways for buildings to display a modern appearance that helps keep its value as years go by. Instead of a stodgy design which seems to look back on a time long ago, a building with a frameless glass façade looks to the future. 

Façade Materials


How Appearance Is Upheld With A Frameless Glass Façade
Frameless glass facades have a contemporary look that is very inviting and attractive.  They display a neat, uncluttered appearance that can set a positive image if the building is a place of employment. The contemporary appearance also benefits the image of a workplace building. 


Danpal Quality Gives Strength To Frameless Glass Facades
There is a misconception that because frameless glass facades lack reinforcing frames, they are weaker and less capable of withstanding weather when it strikes with full force. But Danpal, with our reputation for high-quality production of materials, can reassure you that this is not the case with our frameless glass facades. Because of the durable materials that we use, our frameless glass facades are able to stand up to rain, snow, hail and wind.