Metal rainscreen cladding

Rainscreen Cladding

Danpal cladding is available in a variety of textures, colors and finishes.  Regardless of the choice that you make, you’ll find that the cladding is durable enough to withstand the rough weather that is part of the seasonal changes that we know to expect as we go through the year. Metal cladding might be made of galvanized steel or aluminum.  Other forms of cladding include brick, wood, plastic and imitation stone. But don’t worry; whatever you choose, you’ll be satisfied in knowing that Danpal quality is part of every product that bears our name. 

Wall Cladding

Metal Rainscreen Cladding Tested for Efficiency

Danpal has a research and development team at work to make sure that our products meet our demanding standards.  Metal cladding, like all the other kinds of cladding, is tested for its porosity and permeability to make sure that the quality is superior.  

Advantages of Metal Rainscreen Cladding
Metal rainscreen cladding gives a building a shiny look on its exterior.  It doesn’t absorb moisture, so it’s very resistant to fungi and algae, as well as fire. Metal rainscreen cladding’s light weight makes it easy to install and work with.  It also requires minimal maintenance.

Metal Rainscreen Cladding Protects Insulation

Along with all of the advantages of metal rainscreen cladding, its ability to prevent moisture from invading a building and causing structural deterioration is paramount.  Once moisture has penetrated the interior of a building, a number of problems loom. If a leak is not detected, the building becomes weakened and could even, in the worst case scenario, collapse. This is obviously a major concern but before that happens, there are other things to consider. Damp insulation that is not detected can lead to higher utility bills because heating and cooling are escaping. You’ll pay the cost and so does the environment, because energy is being wasted.