Naturalite skylight systems

Skylights are the construction industry’s way of blending the outside world’s sights and sounds with the comforts of the inside world. You wouldn’t want to be stranded outside when it’s raining, but listening to the rain, or watching it, from the comfort of inside, is a satisfying experience.  That’s why Danpal’s naturalite skylight systems work so well that it’s almost like watching a performance of nature from within the building.  The comfort of your indoor world is only enhanced as you enjoy the scene before you.  

Skylight Roofing

The Natural Light of the Naturalite Skylight Systems 

Now that we know how much of an effect natural light has on our health, vitality and mood, we wonder why it took people so long to recognize the link between daylight and human response.  Employers who notice that their employees seem to respond better to natural light than to artificial light have found that installing skylights is a way to boost productivity. Residences with skylights tout the way that having natural light inside their  homes makes them feel better. In both instances, people definitely see better in natural light. 

How Naturalite Skylight Systems Measure Up to Weather
Nature is a powerful force, with many different ways of displaying that power.  If rain, snow, wind and hail were somehow to have a contest to determine which was the most powerful, it might end up in a four-way tie. That’s because each manifestation of the elements has its own  not-so-secret weapon that can wreak havoc on businesses, homes, roads, schedules and people. Buildings need to constructed and designed so that they are equipped to handle whatever comes out of the sky.  Danpal is a company that, during its half century in the building industry, has seen a lot of weather. As climate change brings ever-more-devastating weather to the world, Danpal engineers continue to design innovative and durable products that protect buildings from the elements.