Polycarbonate wall cladding


The building material market has been transformed by polycarbonate and this transformation has redefined wall cladding. That’s because polycarbonate wall cladding, with its Microcell technology, is three times lighter than traditional rainscreen cladding.

The beauty of polycarbonate wall cladding, quite simply, is that its strength doesn’t interfere with the esthetic appeal of the structure, something that can easily be seen in one of the many Danpal projects that has earned acclaim for its blend of strength and appearance. The stunning beauty of the ALBERCA UNIVERSIDAD POLITÉCNICA METROPOLITANA for example, perfectly displays the unique qualities of polycarbonate wall cladding. Daylighting architecture, a renowned feature of the Danpal reputation for excellence, incorporates natural light into the structural design of the building so that there’s a little bit of the outdoors within the walls. All over the world, buildings such as this confirm the Danpal mark of excellence in its products. 

All the beauty that’s visible is a shield for the insulation within. Keeping insulation dry and free from the dangers posed by moisture is wall cladding’s job. It does this thanks to the natural ventilation provided by an air gap. Behind the wall cladding, a convective motion prevents insulation from getting wet.  It remains impenetrable to moisture because of the system’s exclusive double nothing.  

In addition to its unique blend of beauty and strange, polycarbonate wall cladding brings another plus to the building project, and that’s its ease of installation.
It’s easy  to understand why a product that’s three times lighter than traditional rainscreen cladding would be easier to work with, but the Danpal® Wall Cladding System is designed so that connections can be made directly, without the need for additional framed support.