Rainscreen Cladding for Complete Weather Protection

Rainscreen cladding

The building industry has undergone a dramatic transformation over the 50 years that Danpal has been in the business. During that time, we’ve seen the rise of numerous regulations designed to protect the workers who are constructing the structure, the occupants who will work and live inside it, and, most recently, the environment upon which we all depend. Creating products that meet these standards and federal regulations is a Danpal priority and we are pleased to say that our research team has excelled in its efforts. Nowhere is this result more pronounced than in Danpal’s rainscreen cladding, which complies with regulations and surpasses our competitors in quality and performance.

Rainscreen claddingRainscreen Cladding Supports the Environment

Many of the regulations that we referred to earlier were legislated as we learned that the environment needs to be protected. We can’t take our planet for granted; it’s the only one we have to live on. But if not properly designed and constructed, a building can actually harm the environment. Did you know that in advanced countries, buildings account for 40% of the energy that’s used? If energy is escaping through insulation that’s compromised or is of poor quality, you’re paying for energy that you aren’t using and the environment is suffering as a result. Rainscreen cladding from Danpal is designed to support the environment by providing the best insulation protection available.

Rainscreen Cladding Protects Against Weather

Danpal rainscreen cladding is designed so that it offers the ultimate in protection against weather, which is your building’s most potent enemy. Our system’s natural ventilation employs an air gap which allows for constant connective motion behind the panels, keeping your insulation dry. Dry insulation is the secret to keeping a building healthy and functioning at its peak performance. With the Danpal Ventilated Rainscreen System or VRS, the double-notched panels make sure that the structure remains watertight and the insulation stays dry.

Danpal Rainscreen Cladding is Easy to Work With

Danpal designers realized that it’s not enough to make products that are strong. They should also be easy to work with. Our system doesn’t need additional framing structures when it’s time to install and our polycarbonate sheets are three times lighter than traditional rainscreen cladding, which offers an installation that is quick and efficient.

Weather is the Enemy, Rainscreen Cladding is the Ally

You may not see weather as the enemy of your building. Weather is such a constant in our daily lives that we don’t usually think about it. We wear gloves and boots when it snows; we use umbrellas when it’s raining; we button up our coats when the wind howls; and we put on sunscreen when we go out to the beach. Buildings don’t come with a diverse wardrobe; they have to wear their protective gear all through the year. That’s why the Danpalon panels that we use for our cladding are so remarkable. We have developed microcell technology for our polycarbonate panels because of their high impact on resistance. Weather is powerful, but with Danpal rainscreen cladding, your building is protected.