Rainscreen insulation

Rainscreen Cladding

How’s your building feeling these days?  It’s not a question we ask, is it? When assessing the status of a structure, we tend to rely on obvious signs of damage or deterioration. After high winds, we’ll take a look for an indication that something blew off; when it rains, we look for leaks; we notice if hail has left its mark on a building’s exterior. But often, we fail to look closer, inside, to see if moisture has managed to penetrate a building’s defense and leave its mark on the insulation. If insulation is inefficient, the building’s energy usage is affected; the insulation is working harder to try to maintain a constant temperature while heating and cooling are escaping outside.  Rainscreen insulation for your building provides watertight protection against the threat of weather and moisture.

Rainscreen cladding

Rainscreen Insulation is a Function of Cladding
Your building’s exterior is affected by the quality of the materials that were selected for cladding. Poor quality materials may be porous and incapable of withstanding the powerful force of nature’s fierce storms and winds.  When rain falls, it has to go somewhere; Danpal cladding includes a distinct route for rain water to go so that it’s removed from the building’s exterior. Rainscreen insulation is a protective measure that fortifies the interior of a building by concentrating its strength on the exterior.  

Rainscreen Insulation and Damage

What happens if the force of a storm is so intense that it does damage to the rainscreen sheets? Danpal innovation has provided for this contingency. Because the system is so easy to work with, the sheets of the cladding can be replaced if they need to be, without the entire system having to be removed.  

Rainscreen Insulation Benefits

What about when it’s not raining? Even then, rainscreen insulation is at work keeping your building running efficiently.  It provides a high level of thermal insulation that maintains cost and energy efficiency. It’s economical in cost and also in space, so that the building design does not to include extra floor space to accommodate its presence. Rainscreen insulation protection is what your building needs.