Semi transparent facade

We hear a lot about “optics” these days. If a situation or a photograph doesn’t deliver a favorable connotation, we say the optics are bad.  In terms of the construction industry, Danpal knows how to deliver good optics. That’s because our façade systems are highly regarded the world over for the inviting way in which they blend light with color to create a weather-protection system that is also esthetically pleasing. Danpal’s semi-transparent façade systems are the ideal example of how something that’s designed for a specific function manages to bring beauty to its setting, and also demonstrate environmentally sound practices.

Danpalon Maximizes Daylight For Semi Transparent Facades

Danpalon is a semi-transparent system made of six layered polycarbonate panels that, by diffusing daylight, maximizes its impact.  This energy-saving system decreases the amount of CO2 that artificial lighting produces. The system is so well produced that it can avoid creating shadows inside; that’s because the light it produces is evenly diffused, not direct light.  This is a tremendous benefit to the employees in the workplace, as their productivity, along with their safety, are enhanced.  When the sun sets, the light within the extension building spreads outside, creating the impression of a light box at night. 

Semi Transparent Facades Improve Energy Efficiency

The Microcell structure of Danpal facades is able to generate such improved thermal insulation that it leads to improvements in the building’s “U” and “R” values.  When these values go up, the energy efficiency of the building goes up as well. Improved energy efficiency means that you’re not wasting any of the heating and cooling that you use. This saves you money and saves the environment from escaping energy. Thanks to the visibility of the Danpal  commitment to excellence, you are helping to save the planet. How’s it feel to be a hero!