Skylight Glass

Danpal, in its 50 years as a leader in the building industry, has been part of the movement which has seen the growing popularity of skylights.  People who feel cooped up in an office all day want to have some way of enjoying the natural light that is so beneficial to our health and wellbeing. Skylight glass, by allowing more natural light into a building, is a way that the people occupying a structure can have the best of both worlds: it has the protection from the elements that we need in order to be productive and efficient, and at the same time, it gives us that boost that lifts our spirits.

Skylight Glass Is Strong Enough To Withstand Weather

Danpal technology has created skylight glass that is designed for weather-fighting performance.  Even though snow and rain are powerful forces of nature that are capable of causing great damage, Danpal skylights are strong enough to handle the elements. Although polycarbonate, which is used in Danpal skylights, is 200 times stronger than glass, it’s also half as heavy.  This amazing formula has made it possible for skylights to be stronger and more flexible than ever. 

The Benefits Of Skylight Glass For People

We can’t say enough about how beneficial natural light is for all of us.  No building company can make a claim to have invented the benefits of natural light; they have been in existence ever since the dawn of life on our planet.  Sunlight brings warmth and comfort, but it also provides us with an intangible feeling of energy and optimism, a sense that we can accomplish more on a sunny day than we can on a dreary one.  When the natural light from the sun is brought indoors, it leads to an increase in productivity that makes us all feel better about ourselves and our accomplishments.