Sun shading facade


Have you noticed the bold new innovations taking place in architecture?  Green buildings are one of the ways in which architects are combining their creative talents with the need to build in a manner that protects, rather than harms, our planet.  There are tiny houses and tree houses that have captured the imagination of homeowners looking for something different. As architecture embraces these new designs, they still build with a careful eye to the elements.  Snow, rain, hail and wind are all potential threats that can seriously damage a building. And even sunlight, as much as human beings crave it, needs to be in balance. Sun-shaded facades are one of the ways that architecture has found to maintain that important balance between sunshine and shade.

facade system

Danpal’s Sun-Shaded Facades Control Indoor Lighting
Danpal’s façade systems are known all over the world for their ability to optimize the transmission of daylight at a level favored by the occupants of the building.  We are all different and we have different preferences. With Danpal’s translucent glazing panel and rotating louvres, the amount of daylight that enters a room or an area is controlled by you.  You may choose to have a space that’s flooded with sunlight, or you may choose a more nuanced level. It’s your preference that makes the decision.

Concordia St Johns Campus, Highgate: Sun-Shading Facades At Work

Australia is a country that knows a little bit about sunlight.  Buildings in regions where the sun possesses the kind of intensity that it has in Australia need to be able to control the brilliance of the light rather so that the occupants within aren’t constantly combatting glare.  That’s why Danpal’s sun-shading facades are particularly effective in places that are blessed with sunlight but in need of shade.