Sunlight Adds Splendor To Façade Glazing Systems

Façade Glazing Systems

Incorporating natural light into an architectural design takes imagination and a knowledge of the placement of sunlight at different times during the day and different seasons of the year; it also takes the innovation of Danpal’s façade glazing systems. Danpal, a building materials company with more than half a century in the business, has pioneered daylighting architecture, a unique format which utilizes sunlight for its performance as well as esthetic possibilities. Available in transparent, opaque, and bilcolour options for special effect, Danpal customization also offers designs in both vertical and horizontal formats.

The result is a façade glazing system which unleashes architectural creativity, optimizes daylight as a building component, and supports energy efficiency. When you factor in the ease of installation that comes with a Danpal product or system, you can see why so many architects choose Danpal for their building projects.

Daylighting Architecture’s Advantages In Façade Glazing System

The immediate advantages of using natural light in an architectural design are obvious: daylighting reduces the need for artificial light, which then diminishes the usage of electricity, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Properly managed, natural lighting generates minimal heat compared to electrical lighting, which allows for the savings of as much as 75 percent of the amount of energy used to illuminate a building and lower the cost of cooling it.

In order for a building to function with superior use of daylighting, the design for its inclusion needs to be present at the very beginning of the architectural design process. Why? Because the location of the building and its glazing façade system directly interact with the path that the sunlight takes on its daily journey. Roofing, facades and the selection of the glazing system follow this formula. With a presence on five continents, Danpal is very much aware of the routes that the sun takes in its journey across Planet Earth!

The Esthetic Impression Created by Façade Glazing Systems

Daylight possesses its own remarkable beauty, but when coupled with the brilliant possibilities of Danpal’s colors and finishes, the results are breathtaking. Opaque panels in a variety of tints are well suited for bright colors to create a lacquered, metallic look. Within the range of translucent options, the projection of the light and reflections at different times of the day transforms the building’s appearance. If you’re exploring the addition of the Danpal VRS cladding system, you might want to consider the effect that a 3-dimentional look would add.

Even with our emphasis on esthetics, Danpal products remain attentive to the comfort of the occupants inside a building, whether it’s their workplace or their home. The Danpal façade glazing system, with the understanding that too much sunlight can create a different set of problems, comes equipped with a no-glare feature, further enhancing comfort.
Danpal products are the result of a dedicated investment into research and development. This constant quest for innovation directly affects the designs that architects can make because they benefit from the advances that Danpal engineers and designers have brought forward.

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