Curtain Wall Louvres Are Your Inside Weather Forecaster

A curtain wall system is designed to keep weather out of the interior of a building. It serves as an external covering of a building where the outer walls do not have a structural purpose. Curtain wall systems aren’t required to support the building, which means that they can be light in weight. Curtain wall systems are engineered to prevent moisture and air from invading the interior of a structure, and to withstand wind loads. Curtain wall louvres are popular because they help to enhance the daylighting effect that natural light bestows upon internal areas, as well as lend themselves to other typical attributes of louvres such as improved visual support and energy efficiency.

How Curtain Wall Louvre Perform

There is an impressive array of architectural variety available in construction plans today, and curtain wall louvre add to that versatility. In order to function as a high-performing unit, the glazing frames of the louvres are completely integrated into the curtain wall system to display a seamless exterior. The louvres fit so perfectly that they can barely be distinguished from the windows or from the linear design of the curtain wall.

Advantages of Installing Curtain Wall Louvres

Ease of installation leads to cost savings, something that’s certain to delight consumers. Curtain wall louvres also support the climate control of the interior environment. Saving the cost of labor by installing the system, and saving on energy, are all pluses that add up to a win for those who chose curtain wall louvre.

What You Can Expect From the DANPAL® LOUVRE SYSTEM’s Curtain Wall Louvres

Over the course of its half century of leadership in the building industry, Danpal has built a stellar reputation as a company that puts its experience to work. Innovation and cutting-edge technology are the trademarks of Danpal, as is the slogan, Global Vision, Local Focus, which says a lot for a company that has a presence on five continents. The new louvre system unites Danpal performance quality and visual appeal in our curtain wall louvres: color-shift technology, lightweight design for easy vertical or horizontal installation; Z-frame construction; shade-shift properties and dual-color integration. What this means for you, the customer, is that the architecture of your building will have your own personal imprint. How much daylight do you want to bring into your rooms? How much shade do you need to counteract glare? You can select the open/closed dimensions of your curtain wall louvres to reflect the level of weather that’s to your liking.
But louvres also provide substantial weather protection externally. Microcell technology is durable so that it can handle the fierce storms and that assail a building. The double-tooth, grip-lock connection provides high resistance when strong winds howl outside. There’s even co-extruded UV protection to extend the life span of the system.
And of course, there’s the esthetic attraction. Danpal’s artistic palette comes in a variety of color combination, with either a matte or glossy surface finish. When you choose Danpal, you get it all!

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