A Danpal Curtain Wall System Fights Against Mold And Moisture

The different components that go into an architectural design are as much evidence of a battle strategy as they are a blueprint for a structure. That’s because a building is only as good as the materials that are used to make it, and those materials need to be strong if the building is going to be able to hold its own in the ongoing war against the elements. The sky is an enormous battlefield from which come the furious winds of bad weather, the pounding rainstorms, ferocious snowfalls, damaging hail, and not to be ignored, the relentless heat. Seen in that light, it’s obvious that a building, and the architects and designers and engineers who provide the plans and the products for the structure, needs to have a force shield if their construction hopes to last.

Fortunately, Danpal, a leader in the building industry, has dedicated significant research and development in the making of its products. The Danpal curtain wall system is designed to protect the interior of a building by making the outside impenetrable to weather, and keeping the insulation inside dry and moisture-free.


Weather does everything in its considerable power to pummel a building’s defenses as it tries to penetrate the exterior. If rain and snow get inside a building, insulation is threatened. As long as insulation remains dry, the building’s heating and cooling systems are not working overtime to try to keep the temperature constant and comfortable. But once dampness penetrates the insulation, an entirely different scenario develops, one in which mold turns into a potential problem.

Mold loves dampness and makes a home in wet insulation. That’s when energy escapes and is wasted because it’s no longer safely confined within the interior of a building. As the mold progresses, it affects the wellbeing of the building’s occupants, jeopardizing their health and threatening those who already suffer from respiratory conditions. People who have asthma and suffer from allergies are even more vulnerable to the spread of mold.


Dry insulation tells the story of why a curtain wall system from Danpal benefits a building’s internal function. Ease of installation continues the tale by proving that the curtain wall system, which is flexible and light in weight, saves time and money for clients from the manufacturing to the transporting to the installing. The curtain wall system is light, but not flimsy; it’s flexible but not shoddy. In fact, Danpal products overall are highly regarded as much for the quality of their performance as for being a pleasure to work with.

We can’t change the weather, but we’re doing all that we can to design products that are strong enough to stand against the elements. A curtain wall system is a proof that when a company dedicates its resources and its resolve into developing materials that are designed to last, they can make the difference in a building’s life span.