Global Vision, Local Focus, And The Performance Of A Ventilated Façade

You might not think so, but there’s a lot of human psychology that goes into a Danpal ventilated façade. As Danpal engineers and designers are working on the technical aspects of building products and systems, they know that architecture has a twofold mission: to satisfy the client’s expectations of comfort and to meet the less tangible standards of beauty. It’s not enough to have shelter from inclement weather. We expect the structures where we live and work to keep us comfortable no matter what the season is. We require our heating and cooling systems to meet environmental regulations that protect the planet. There is also an esthetic element to our expectations for architecture. We appreciate buildings that satisfy our inner longing for beauty.

The Role Of A Ventilated Façade In Weather Protection

Danpal cladding employs a ventilated façade to enhance a building’s thermal insulation. By enabling the air between the cladding and the supporting wall to move, thermal insulation has an extra line of defense.

Thermal insulation is not a minor aspect of a building’s energy system; compromised insulation weakens the ability of air conditioning to keep rooms cool and comfortable when the temperatures are sweltering outside; if the insulation is damp instead of dry, a heating system has to work harder to maintain an even temperature inside. Even while a ventilated façade is rendering a high-performance function, it’s also delivering an attractive appearance for the external structure. The visual impression created by a building can have a dramatic effect on how the structure, and the business that it represents, are perceived by the surrounding community. It can also affect the way the people inside feel about a building where, if it’s the workplace, represents the place where they spend a significant portion of their lives.

Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, And A Danpal Ventilated Façade

Global Vision, Local Focus. That’s the Danpal creed, but it’s more than a slogan.
Danpal is a global enterprise, with a thriving commercial presence on five continents. That means that Danpal is in an extraordinary position to understand climate, weather, and energy on a vast scale. A ventilated façade that’s installed locally is part of a large network of construction reaching all the way around the world.

All of that research and development, engineering, design, and artistry would be meaningless if Danpal products neglected to ensure that insulation stays dry. Wasted energy threatens the delicate balance of the environment and it adds costs to utility bills for consumers. Simply by keeping the air between the cladding and the external wall in motion, moisture is prevented from invading the inside of a building and letting dampness damage the insulation. The presence of dampness in insulation leads to the development of mold, which spreads quickly and causes harm not only to the building, but to the people living inside it as well.

A commitment to the planet and responsiveness to our customers: that dedication is fulfilled in the performance of a Danpal ventilated façade.

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