Translucent wall systems

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If you want the best in building materials for your architectural design, then go to the company that is considered a world leader in the industry. Danpal’s commitment to excellence has raised our profile internationally, making us trailblazers in the development and manufacturing of innovative products. Our translucent wall systems are one of the products that demonstrates our diligent attention to environmental concerns, our commitment to research and development, and our 50 years of expertise in the building industry.

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Danpal’s Translucent Wall Systems Achieve Excellence

Controlite®, the Intelligent Daylighting System which shows the progress that Danpal has made in the field of daylighting architecture, gives complete control over the amount of indoor lighting that is available. Whatever the season, whatever the time of day, the intensity of the light that comes into your building is determined by your preference. Levels of daylight transmission are optimized according to personal preference. This remarkable system of daylight control  is yet another advance in the Danpal reputation for performance. 

Controlling Daylight With Translucent Wall Systems
Mother Nature still has control over her outside realm, but when it comes to indoor light, it’s now in human hands.  If you want more daylight during the winter months, when we typically are depending on artificial light, you have the power with Controlite®  to master the transmission of natural light, as well as solar heat gain. And when the seasons change and summer is upon us, you can block solar heat so that the inside temperature is not overwhelmed.

Translucent Wall Systems And Energy Consumption
Because daylight can be added to the internal functioning of your business or home, you’re going to rely less upon heating, artificial lighting, and air conditioning. Control over the amounts of daylight gives you the benefit of being able to positively affect your energy usage. With the added advantage of energy efficient building design, your structure may be eligible for a green building rating.