U glass facade

Facade Materials

Danpal innovation leads the way in the manufacturing of products that incorporate the esthetic, structural and environmental priorities of our contemporary society while continuing to be on the lookout for new technologies and methods that will keep the building industry on the cutting edge.  U glass facades are one of those dynamic processes which utilizes the clear appearance of glass to provide greater access to daylight while continuing to provide the famed weather protection that is so much a part of Danpal’s international reputation.


U Glass Facades Continue To Provide Protection From Weather

Because facades do not serve a structural role in the design of a building, it’s sometimes easy to forget that they still have an important purpose in the life of a building, particularly when it comes to preventing weather from causing harm to the structure. We’ve all noticed in recent years that weather seems to be taking on a more destructive character as we begin to recognize the various manifestations of climate change in our regions.  


We seem to have more powerful snowstorms that can close highways, cause schools to be cancelled, and alter our routines. Rain that leads to violent storms and flooding cause many of us to be alarmed when we hear the weather reports. Hail can do physical damage to buildings and cars. High winds are capable of bringing down trees and tearing off roofs. Through all of this is the risk that weather, in the form of  moisture, will penetrate the interior of a building and compromise the insulation. If that happens, a building’s energy efficiency is in jeopardy because heating and cooling systems will respond to a loss of energy by working harder. When this  happens, the environment is harmed because of the wasted energy that has escaped from the building.  Your U glass façade will continue to protect your building from the harmful effects of weather.