A Glass Curtain Wall Enhances The Natural Light In Your Interior Spaces

Glass Curtain Wall

With half a century in the building industry, Danpal has created a reputation for developing and manufacturing cutting-edge products that nurture a more comfortable living environment at the same time as they do their part to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. In addition to hitting those standards, products like the Danpal glass curtain wall incorporate esthetics with function so that architects don’t have to choose between performance and appearance. The resulting blend of comfort enhances time spent inside.

What Is A Glass Curtain Wall Façade?

A glass curtain wall doesn’t perform a structural role in an architectural design. The system’s outer walls are there to keep the damaging elements of weather from invading a building’s indoor living and working spaces. Because of its design and composition, a glass curtain wall ushers in natural light, which adds a magnificent esthetic aspect to the interior of the building. Danpal, a pioneer in daylighting architecture, designs glass curtain walls that keep the inside dry, but they do so much more.

Natural Light, The Gift Of A Glass Curtain Wall

Natural light doesn’t just help us see better. If helps us feel better as well, so that, even when we’re inside, we absorb the benefits of the sunlight coming inside. The building where you live and work can actually create a healthy environment for you. While the glass curtain wall is protecting a building’s insulation from moisture, it’s also providing you with relief from artificial light.

A Glass Curtain Wall Is A Weather Warrior

As we’ve already noted, a glass curtain wall does not have a structural part to play in a building design. But that doesn’t mean that it lacks purpose. The sound effects of a windy night might make you feel warm and cozy while you’re sleeping inside, but that’s because you can count on the built-in defenses offered by the architectural design. When you see rain pouring outside, or the snowflakes gathering on the ground beyond your windows, are you thinking about your insulation staying dry? If you have a glass curtain wall, you don’t have to think about your insulation. The glass curtain wall’s purpose is to keep moisture out, protecting the insulation so that it remains dry.
Dry insulation is part of a building’s overall energy efficiency performance. If moisture has compromised a building’s insulation, your heating and cooling systems will have to work so much harder because energy is escaping. The damaged insulation can no longer maintain a consistent temperature through the seasons and you’ll find yourself colder in the winter and hotter in the summer as a result. You don’t want to be a victim of compromised insulation and with your glass curtain wall, you won’t be. It’s all under control.
Doesn’t it sound appealing to think that bad weather can be kept out and good weather can be brought in, all thanks to the versatility of a glass curtain wall? The extremes of weather are kept out, but even so, you start your day with nature.

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