The Superior Performance Of A Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

A solid polycarbonate sheet, unlike the hollow version, has superior powers of light transmission and impact strength. These strengths make the building material ideal for any structure which has a significant need for light, including greenhouses, hood lighting, lamp boxes, and industrial shops. Polycarbonate’s popularity as a building material has increased significantly over the years, in part because, while it shares many of the most attractive attributes of glass, it does not have the same weaknesses, and in fact offers a superior performance quality in strength and durability. Solid polycarbonate roof panels also earn high marks for energy efficiency. Clearly, building with polycarbonate is the formula for success for 21st century construction.

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Performance Compared To Glass

A solid plastic sheet that can match and often exceed the capabilities of glass in function is something that impresses architects, contractors, and customers alike. Solid polycarbonate roof panels can provide light transmission of up to 89%, while at the same time, preventing harmful UV rays from being transmitted. Natural light coming in, ultraviolet rays staying out is a formula for success! Don’t worry that a solid polycarbonate sheet will yellow over time; the protective coating that’s added protects the material from yellowing with age. Glass cannot match the performance of polycarbonate.

The Power Of Solid Polycarbonate Roof Panels

You know that your roof is your first line of defense against harsh weather. But did you know that a solid polycarbonate system is capable of withstanding the onslaught of weather’s most powerful weapons? Consider the impact that hail can have on a structure. Now consider the safety and comfort of knowing that your roofing system is made of a material with a high impact resistance so that it can take the punishment that the seasons dish out.

How A Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Saves You Money

Although polycarbonate is stronger than glass, it weights half as much. That saves you money because a solid plastic sheet is much easier to transport than glass. It’s easier to work with, too. It can be customized on site, and once it’s ready to install, the entire process takes less time. Less time equals less expense, which puts more money in your wallet.

Energy Efficiency and Solid Polycarbonate Roof Panels

While we’re on the subject of expense and household budgeting, you’ll be happy to learn that polycarbonate is a very energy efficient building material. Thermal insulation is a key component of energy usage in a structure. Maintaining a temperature that is comfortably cool in the summer and warm in the winter is an indication of a household’s energy efficiency. Your solid polycarbonate sheet, with lower thermal conductivity, prevents heat from escaping. Saving on the expense of heating and air conditioning delivers economic benefits that match the energy savings. Energy efficiency that’s affordable for your budget while supporting an environmentally responsible lifestyle leaves everyone a winner thanks to solid plastic sheets.

A Solid Polycarbonate Sheet’s Fire Resistance Attributes

In order to design and build structures that conform to federal, state and local codes, architects and contractors select materials that will pass official inspections. A solid polycarbonate sheet meets those standards because of its high impact strength and by aligning with flammability ratings. Knowing that your solid polycarbonate roof panels are fire resistant provides added safety and peace of mind for everyone inside!

As today’s consumer strives to adopt a sustainable lifestyle in order to protect the planet, architects and contractors are working with building material manufacturers to find the products that will conform to codes, support environmental responsibility, and deliver a satisfying performance. Danpal customers know that they can expect the best from the products we manufacture because Global Focus, Local Focus, is more than a slogan. It’s the motto that we live by.