Curved skylight

Architecture is, in many ways, a matter of personal preference. People like different styles for reasons that may seem entirely subjective. At the same time, there are some shared concepts that are almost universal and one of these is the esthetic appeal of curved lines. While straight lines can seem too rigid and abrupt, curved lines create a very different impression. This impression is especially appealing in the curved skylights that add so much to the visual attractiveness of a physical structure. The beauty of the Apollo Hospitals in Sri Lanka demonstrates the esthetic properties of the curved skylight. 

The Danpavault Barrel Vault Skylight System
Architects have found that the Danpavault Barrel Vault Skylight System perfectly combines structural performance with esthetic appeal. The system offers a skylight of unlimited length that’s easily integrated with different roof types such as concrete and profiled metal.  The natural light that comes in is evenly diffused to provide thermal insulation and extended UV protection. The benefits of natural light are documented through scientific studies that show how indoor daylight is preferable to artificial light in terms of productivity and mood improvement. People feel better in natural light and with a curved skylight from Danpal, they can count on daylight inside. 

Structural Properties of the Danpavault Barrel Vault Skylight System
Durability is a key component of any Danpal product and this is true for the curved skylights that the company manufactures.  The system can be installed over areas of different sizes with the addition of aluminum framing options like bars, spacers, or connections. Or the system can be installed as a self-supporting skylight. The Microcell technology of the curved skylight panels promises the highest possible resistance against the impact of weather.