Translucent cladding

Rainscreen Cladding

For the best example of how translucent cladding can transform a physical structure into something that evokes the uplifting beauty of the outdoors, look no further than the Welsh National Sailing Academy in North Wales. It exemplifies what the Ellis Williams Architects of Liverpool describe as the principle of “form following function.”  The architecture is definitely inspiring, in part because of the way in which translucent cladding allows natural light to become part of the interior design. The Welsh National Sailing Academy is located near the Irish Sea, where the coastal winds can be fierce. But thanks to the strength of Danpalon® translucent polycarbonate panel system, the building can keep the weather out and let the daylight in.

Rainscreen Cladding

Danpalon® Translucent Cladding Is Efficient

Danpal products are widely known for their superior quality and efficiency, and our translucent cladding boasts of the same attributes.  The thermal properties provide an excellent level of energy usage, sparing the environment from wasted energy. Danpal cladding is strong enough to keep moisture from threatening the insulation of a building.  When insulation is compromised by moisture, mold finds a home in which it thrives. Mold can cause health problems for people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma. By keeping the interior of a building free from moisture, translucent cladding improves the life span of the structure as well as the health and safety of the occupants within.  

Daylighting with Translucent Cladding

Danpal has been a pioneer in the area of daylighting architecture and the results show that architects welcome the opportunity to bring natural light into their designs. Translucent cladding, because of its role in adding natural light to indoor living and working spaces, contributes to the improved wellbeing of the building’s occupants. People find that they are more productive and more optimistic when they have access to natural light.