Green Building Facades

green buildings

As twenty-first century civilization comes to grips with the effects that climate change is hanging on all aspects of our daily lives, we must examine all aspects of our lifestyles to determine how we can do right by planet Earth.  Architecture has embraced the movement to “go green” with green building designs that employ environmentally sound practices and use materials which conform to stricter federal standards for ecological performance. Buildings, like people, have a carbon footprint that can do harm to the environment if we are not careful. Green building facades are just one of the ways that Danpal has undertaken so that we may continue to do our part to be true to our motto, Global Vision, Local Focus. Wherever the climate, there’s a Danpal green building façade that will improve your structure’s response to the vital issue of sustainable energy usage. 

green buildings

Green Building Facades Use Translucent Systems To Promote Energy Efficiency
Translucent facades, because they reflect and absorb solar radiation, help to keep the temperature inside a building at optimal levels.  The superior effect of the insulation maintains a comfortable atmosphere within the structure. The high performing light diffusion keeps the balance of light even, thanks to the tightly spaced ribs which also provide an esthetic design feature for the building.  

Green Building Facades Enhance Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is the process by which a building can absorb and transfer heat. Efficient energy usage reflects  a system that maintains a consistent temperature throughout the year so that heating and cooling processes do not have to overwork in the hot or cold seasons.  Our green building facades benefit from the unique cell structure of the translucent facades. The excellent “U” and “R” values confirm the efficiency of the thermal insulation.