Custom size skylights


Many clients are amazed to learn that the Danpal reputation for customized products extends to custom size skylights.  But doesn’t it make sense that a skylight should be designed so that it suits the particular style and vision of the architect who planned  rest of the structure? Buildings are created for a functional purpose, but they also have an esthetic role to play and Danpal customization helps that creative process. That’s why architects enjoy the opportunity to select from Danpal’s wide assortment of products, colors, and systems; they don’t have to compromise on the vision that they intend to create because Danpal helps them make it come alive.

The Versatility of Custom Size Skylights

Danpal’s products come in a wide range of lengths and sizes which means that they can be adapted to suit a particular architectural plan that needs the flexibility of customization.  Because the panels slot into place, the entire installation process is much smoother than what occurs with other, more rigid products from other companies. And because the Danpavault Barrel Vault Skylight System can either be placed over a metal structure with aluminum framing options, or be self-supporting, there’s no difficulty when installing over spans of different sizes. 

Custom Size Skylights Deliver the Daylight You Want
It might be stretching a point to say that Danpal can customize sunlight, but it is true that, by offering custom size skylights, we do make it possible for you to have as much or as little natural light coming in as you prefer. Daylighting architecture, a Danpal specialty, is so popular because it allows the client to control the inclusion of light depending upon the time of day and the amount of shade that’s needed. In that sense, maybe Danpal does Mother Nature one better, because our custom size skylights can keep down the glare and diffuse the light more evenly.