Transparent facade systems


Danpal’s transparent façade systems give you the unique advantages that you expect from a stellar company with more than a half century of expertise in the building industry.  Some of those advantages include the pure transparency of the façade; it’s waterproof, impact resistant and light weight; the ease of installation; and the length of the panels that can be curved on the worksite. You’ll be interested in learning more about the performance and appearance of this excellent Danpal product. 

Translucent Facade

How Total Transparency Enhances the Danpal Transparent Façade Systems
Glass is a popular building material. It’s also a building material which has built-in weaknesses; it’s not flexible to work with and it is prone to scratching. But what if you could use a stronger material which has the appearance of glass with far more strength? The good news is that you do have that stronger material. Danpal Compact, a 4mm thick solid panel possesses strength, flexibility, light weight, UV protection, and insulating and curving abilities, along with the appearance of glass. When you can have exactly what you want in a transparent façade system, along with the strength that you need, you know you’re going to be satisfied. 

How Danpalon Panels Affect The Transparent Façade Systems

Strength and beauty, when they work together in equal measure, combine to create a transparent façade system that is seamless.  Speaking of seams, it’s the Danpalon panels, with their standing seam connection system, that offers architects such freedom with their designs.  The panels, which  are up to 12.0m in length, come in a dazzling variety of colors and can be easily cold curves at the work site so that the full potential of the façade transparency can be released.