Danpal’s Louvre Shading System Makes You The Interior Designer

Louvre Shading System

What can you expect from Danpal’s louvre shading system? How about color-shift technology; Z-Frame construction; your choice of vertical or horizontal installation; lightweight design; shade-shift properties; and dual-color integration? How about illuminated shade? How about dazzling colors and finishes that add esthetic appeal to your building? How about superior performance in all kinds of weather? How about easy, efficient, affordable installation? How about everything you’ve come to expect from a Danpal product?

Introducing The Danpashade Louvre Shading System

Our customers expect innovative building products to come out of Danpal’s research and development department and the Danpashade Louvre Shading System lives up to all those expectations. With dynamic shade-shift technology, Danpal has developed an external
fixed louvre system that creates the ideal environment for your interior working and living spaces.

The Strength Of the Danpal Louvre Shading System

Danpal is justly proud of the esthetic options that are a part of the louvre shading package. Looking good is important for esthetic presentation, but with Danpal, strength and performance are always priorities. Thanks to Microcell technology, which provides the most advanced material for shading applications, all Danpal® Louvre Systems possess high-impact resistance to the elements. Even when threatened by the force of a high wind load, the louvres stay strong, because of the double-tooth grip-lock connection. A longer life span is important for the product’s durability; the panels enjoy a longer system life span because of their co-extruded UV protection. Weather is always a factor in any structure, but with Danpal’s proven reputation for quality, the louvreshading system is going to stay strong no matter what nature throws at it.

Creating An Aura For Your Building With Our Louvre Shading System

The Aura Louvre System has some familiar features that you’ll recognize. Made of polycarbonate material, this louvre shading system is easy to work with and to customize because of its light weight. The tight spacing between the ribs is part of the process that creates a quality of light that’s mesmerizing.
Thanks to the versatility of colors and finishes that are offered, you have the unique opportunity for visual effect with our two-in-one color options. Combining comfort with style, Danpal translucent shading is available in different levels of light transmission, with either a matt or glossy finish. The look of a building makes a difference in how it’s perceived; that’s why Danpal designs for both performance and esthetics.

What makes Danpal’s louvre shading system stand out is the way it’s designed so that users have the ultimate say on how the balance between sunshine and shade will be measured. Being able to create exactly the atmosphere that satisfies your own preference turns you into an interior designer, working with nature itself to blend the nuances of light.

The Danpal Installation Policy At Work In The Louvre Shading System

Danpal believes that the installation of any system should be efficient and easy. It shouldn’t be disruptive. And it should be affordable. With its snap-on interlocking dry-glazed aluminum connectors, the louvre shading system delivers as promised, at a low-cost rate that reflects the ease of working with Danpal’s lightweight materials.

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