Energy efficient skylights

In today’s society, energy conservation is a priority. People are changing their lifestyles, their eating and shopping habits, even their modes of travel as they demonstrate a personal commitment to protecting the planet. Danpal, with its creed of Global Vision, Local Focus, exhibits the same commitment to the environment on a corporate level. Our products are designed and manufactured with an awareness of federal regulations and an adherence to sustainable practices. Fortunately, because of Danpal’s global awareness, we lead the way in ecological building practices. This is notably apparent in our energy efficient skylights.

Energy Efficient Skylights Offer New Possibilities In Design

As Danpal has pursued the concept of daylighting architecture, we’ve been pleased to discover how this concept also meshes with our commitment to holistic environmental practices. Daylight is an esthetic attraction to a building’s appearance, but it also plays a part in our energy consumption. More natural light during the day can reduce the amount of energy that you use.  Energy efficient skylights are designed so that buildings can make the best use of the local area’s thermal conditions, which vary according to geography and climate.  

The Esthetics of Energy Efficient Skylights

There’s no need to choose between energy efficiency and appearance when deciding on your skylight system, because Danpal delivers both.   Skylights are so popular because they bring beauty to a building. Because skylights are part of the roofing system, and not an inset window panel, the attractive appearance is the result of the roof supports. Who doesn’t enjoy the view of the heavens, especially when it’s available from within?  You can be confident that your skylight is just as strong as it needs to be and able to withstand the rigors of weather. 

In today’s building market, solar and thermal planning are as much a part of the architectural design as ceilings and floors. Make your choice an energy efficient skylight and enjoy the view!