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The benefits of rainscreen cladding, comes from the use of an outer layer, which behaves like a second skin to the building, and in so doing, reduces energy losses and protects the wall behind.
A translucent façade, is one which makes use of translucent glazing material, to create a full-face exterior feature that acts as a daylighting solution.
There are many good reasons to use polycarbonate in building and construction, mostly relating to the inherent strength, durability and lightweight nature of the material, versus traditional glazing options.
A façade is construction, is the same as it is in architecture, but would refer to all the process involved to construct the façade.
A glass façade, is when a section of the front exterior of a building, makes use of a glass curtain-wall system, to create a daylight translucent solution.
To put on a façade, is not an architectural term, but refers to the behaviour of a person, who hides behind an 'emotional mask' of sorts.
The façade of a house, is the front exterior portion of the house, most commonly facing the street.
A façade in architecture, is the front facing exterior feature of a building, often decorative in nature, and designed to represent the style and ethos of the building.
Façade means, 'face' and in architecture, the face of the building, refers to the main exterior front. Often decorative in nature, and serves as the main entrance/exit point, for the building.
In architecture, the facade of a building, is usually the main extrerior side of the building, and is often the most important aspect from a design standpoint, as it sets the tone for the rest of the building.